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The imminent death of Facebook has been loudly proclaimed on many occasions. But with the latest News Feed algorithm changes prioritising ‘meaningful engagement‘ over all else, is this really the end for businesses and marketers on Facebook? Discover 7 effective ways to maintain and increase your organic reach by adhering to Facebook‘s new engagement metrics.
Topic hubs and topic clusters have been around at the intersect of SEO and content marketing for a long time. However, with the increasing information overload and PR noise, topic hubs have once more become important in the scheme of things, especially for brand differentiation and establishing authority. We invited Dan Shure to shed some light on the purpose, nature, and effectiveness of topic hubs.
Local video marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business or service. In this blog post, you will learn how to get started and why you must include video in your marketing mix. You also see real video examples of businesses using video for marketing their products or services locally.
Struggle with getting local traffic? Want to get an unprecedented visibility to your website? In this post you will find a step-by-step guide on how to win at Local SEO and get as many local traffic as it gets.
If you haven’t used Instagram Stories in your marketing strategy yet, you’re missing out on a lot. Learn how to leverage them successfully to create greater brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. In this post, I’ll be discussing the best ways to engage more people on Instagram Stories.
In the last two weeks, we have been busy looking watching the amazing updates from Google, including the launch of Dataset Search which is one of a chain of initiatives taken by the search engine giant to bring datasets more prominently into their products. Keep reading to see all the latest news and changes Google has made.
Planning a social content calendar is such an essential step for most social media professionals. This article will highlight some of the most common mistakes in planning a social media content calendar, and show you how SEMrush’s social media tools can help you avoid them.
Last week, SEO consultant Peter Mead joined us to discuss SEO audits and on-page tweaks yet again (we never seem to have enough of technical SEO here on #SEMrushchat!). He had a lot to share on quick-win tactics, keeping up with trends, tracking performance, and other SEO nuances. Here are some of the key takeaways from the chat, so, grab a coffee and read on…
Over the past couple of years I have cut down the amount of time I spend in Google Ads by 75%, and yet the results I’m achieving have gotten better and better. How? A solid strategy combined with clever use of automation. In this article, I run through my 6 biggest pitfalls when running automated Google campaigns and how you can avoid them to take your own campaigns to the next level.
Understanding and matching the searcher‘s intent has become fundamental for SEOs. This article focuses on how to identify intent by dissecting queries into their component parts, to glean meaning and segment queries by intent stage. This is the first of three articles in this series.

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