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Links from authoritative websites that point to your site are still an important ranking factor. On the other hand, links from low-quality websites have the power to damage your website’s rankings. If you don’t want to see your rankings drop, you have to conduct a thorough backlink audit. So when is the best time to do this? It’s now!The easiest way to deal with a Google penalty is to prevent it.
Do you suspect that your sales page leaves people cold? Do you think nobody’s reading your content – or, at the very least, they’re ignoring your Call to Action (CTA) buttons? Are the images on your website turning visitors off – or confusing them?
Until recently, SEO theory and advanced optimization never occurred to most of the world’s bloggers. All they knew was that they loved writing, conveying their knowledge and wanted to help others through covering various projects and businesses. So when bloggers began having to take SEO and optimization seriously, they found all the information being presented to them was written in, well, a somewhat complicated manner.
To provide the most precise answers to a user’s query in the shortest amount of time, Google constantly develops and updates its algorithms. And its first page inevitably undergoes changes. “Blue links” SERPs are becoming a thing of the past, as the results pages becoming enriched with new elements and ways to present information. To stay competitive, a website owner should carefully track all these changes, analyze them, and adapt their online strategies to Google’s modifications.
So what does SEMrush do and how does it help with your content marketing? Well, SEMrush is an SEO tool that does your keyword research, tracks the keyword strategy used by your competition, runs an SEO audit of your blog, looks for backlinking opportunities and lots more.
We organized an online session with some of the conference speakers, inviting Alita Harvey-Rodriguez, Jim Stewart and Jim Banks to share sneak peeks of their speeches as well as their favorite e-commerce tips, and conduct a real-time analysis of an e-commerce website.
Social media channels will increase your chances of success. How many times have you seen this phrase across the web? There’s no denying how helpful Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms can be for your business.In our latest #SEOcafe chat, we discussed how marketers should perform an in-depth social media audit with our chat participants and our special guest – Rival IQ, an awesome tool that helps marketers by delivering social media analytics and competitive intelligence.
Today’s most effective brands are turning to online personalities to engage their audiences, and they are seeing phenomenal results – especially when compared to other forms of digital marketing. Consumers want to learn about products in a natural way. According to MDG Advertising, 70 percent of internet users are more interested in a product they meet through content than one targeted at them with traditional advertising tricks.
In this month’s issue of our Affiliate Spotlight series, we are very happy to share with you an interview with Adam Connell, a successful entrepreneur, marketing director at UK Linkology and the founder of Blogging Wizard.
How has keyword research changed? What should website owners and SEOs do to benefit from keywords in 2016? To find out, in our latest SEMrush Chat, we discussed keyword research and its trends in 2016 with Per Pettersson, digital strategist, search marketing and analytics expert and consultant.
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