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Hey, agency representatives: what is the biggest mistake you can make when pitching clients? Hands down, the biggest trap people fall into is not doing enough research. It’s tempting to think research starts after you’ve won a contract and that the sales process can focus solely on your offering. Your competition likely believes that. After all, it’s how it’s been done for many years. However, it’s only the best route to take if your goal is to blend with the crowd.
The world of public relations has changed in recent years. Newer tools and technologies have made it simpler and easier to reach specific audiences, and the evolution of search engine optimization has created a more complex PR process that requires a strong strategy and understanding of SEO best practices. Although traditional PR best practices haven’t changed much, digital PR has changed dramatically as it has become a major player in the realm of SEO and digital media relations.
Most small businesses are looking for ways to maximize their marketing dollars. Megan Totka provides five strategies for making the most of your budget, allowing you to try new strategies, retain the basics and take stock of your current collection of resources.
The most successful entrepreneurs manage to transform their thoughts and ideas into lifetime projects that yield high revenues. That’s why they are “real artists” who can create a masterpiece out of mere opportunities, motivation, and love and respect for what they do. John Rampton, founder of Due and contributing writer for Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, Forbes, and Inc., joined SEMrush Chat participants to discuss the art of entrepreneurship.
Google identifies them as the “I want ­to ­know,” “I want ­to ­go,” “I want­ to ­do,” and “I want­ to ­buy” moments. These describe the moments you search for something on Google – no matter what it is.During one of your recent searches, you may have noticed that the text ads, which used to appear to the right of the search results, are no longer there. Google has eliminated these ads, instead adding a fourth ad above the results for "highly commercial queries.
No matter what you do within your digital marketing strategy, if you cannot properly display your progress to your client or boss, it will be meaningless. Reporting is an integral piece to show how your efforts have influenced change for a website. You can always use charts and numbers to represent your efforts, but we live in a world dominated by visuals. Having an exciting presentation and eye grabbing reports will truly drive the point home to your client or boss.
Parenting is about problem solving and because those problems are often posed or created bysmall children, they can be silly or confusing challenges. The flexibility that this kind of problemsolving develops, however, can serve you in any venture – including the sometimes unusualstruggles involved in running a great SEO campaign. So pay attention to those parents all aroundyou or the hurdles your toddlers throw in your path and take them as learning opportunities.
As a marketing consultant to small business owners, I find that many of my clients fit a basicprofile. They tend to be aware of search engine optimization – what it is, and why it matters.They get that in order to bring in new clients, they’ve got to get their websites and blog postsranked on Google, and they’re eager to do anything they can to make that a reality.
AnswerThePublic provides you with common Google and Bing autosuggest results, so you know those terms are actually being searched for at some volume. A more advanced keyword tool, such as SEMrush, can tell you the exact volume of those searches, but ATP can start you off in the right direction.
BrightonSEO is rightfully known as a speedy sold-out conference. Absolute Digital Media noticed that it sold out faster that Glastonbury, which is, by the way, is one of the most popular summer music festival in UK. Nevertheless, the SEO conference in Brighton could beat the events leader. It’s unbelievable, but the first set of tickets sold out… in a merely minute.
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