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Everyone loves a great hashtag. Finding the right phrase for the right moment lets your business ride a wave of popularity without having to shell out big bucks for an entire campaign.Not just any phrase will do, of course. You can’t throw a “#” at the beginning of your product name and expect it to take off; you need to find something that resonates with your target audience.Why #GreatHashtags Work to Drive SalesHashtags can serve as a call to action to drive sales.
As SEO consultants and small agencies, most of us could admit to taking any lead that comes our way at some point in our careers. We just wanted to grow and keep cashflow healthy, get some good results for our clients, and everyone is happy. Or are we? Well to some degree, yes, but what if you could work with more companies who you actually have an active interest in and could contribute more than they thought was possible.
It's important to create visual stories that people share. Sure, we’d love to write you a sonnet about the wonders of data, but no one would read it. That’s why we make infographics at Here’s My Chance,.An infographic is simply data visualized. Infographics transform boring data into a captivating, memorable imagery. Asking someone to read a data report requires a lot of attention and time.
GIFs! They are starting to be used a lot more nowadays, not just for fun but also for increasing engagement and interacting with customers over social media.I recently published an article on how to publish GIFs on LinkedIn Pulse, but this blog post will cover that and also other platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Google+.Before I go on about how to publish GIFs on social media, I'd just like to point out that GIFs are brilliant for increasing engagement.
Deadpool, AKA the “Merc with a mouth,” is the latest comic character to rise to the big screen from Marvel Comics. The character was created by writer Fabian Nicieza and artist Rob Liefeld in the early 90’s during their run on the New Mutants title. Since then, Deadpool has spawned multiple solo titles and crossovers with almost every Marvel character imaginable.
Love is in the air, and in my social media toolbox.As any social media manager will tell you, the key to success lies in your tools. Just like you couldn’t build a house without a hammer and nails, you need the right tools in your social media toolbox to succeed.I’ve been using some of the tools in my social media toolbox exclusively lately. In fact, you could say it’s getting pretty serious. I may even be in love.
Whenever you navigate to any page, you will notice at the top of your browser a title for that page. You will usually see this displayed within the tab itself in your browser. This is the headline used to describe the page itself. Even when search engines index a page, they refer to the title tag to determine what the focus of a page is along with what key terms the search engine should highlight in organic results.
It's been a while now since you and content got together: the early days of hanging on each other's every word and falling asleep on the phone are over. You've settled in as a couple, and while content might annoy you with ever-increasing quality standards and an insistence on constantly hanging out with friends (it seems like they're always with social media!), you've still got a good thing.
Fewer groups can match the animosity that exists between web designers and web developers. This is further aggravated by the fact that they have to work together on a single project to produce literally two halves of a whole website.The cause of this rift can be chalked down to simple differences in perspective. You see, web designers are focused on the visual aspect of the website which includes the typography, colors and the layout.
What‘s the secret of good content marketing? Posting new content on your blog 2-3 times a week. Using mainly textual content of medium length. Sharing them on your social networks automatically. Sending a newsletter to your entire mailing list full of different subjects, in order to capture everyone‘s attention.We‘re joking of course: if you believe that, then your content marketing has been stuck in 2012. The rules have changed and continue to do so.
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