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Making it to the top of Google‘s SERPs seems like a great game of chance. If only you had a pretty lady (or a hunk) to blow your SEO dice – maybe then you‘d be able to gain a competitive advantage. If there‘s anything you need to know about luck this St Patrick‘s Day, it‘s this – luck is less about chance and more about putting yourself in the right circumstances. Internet marketing is all about getting yourself out there and improving your chances of getting noticed.
Welcome to yet another edition of Discovery Thursday! Here is where we will show you various reports and features within SEMrush that you may not be taking advantage of.With YouTube now being one of the most used search engines online, it is that much more crucial that your business shows up in YouTube results. One way is by creating videos to organically show up in YouTube search. The other option is to run advertisements on YouTube.
Perhaps one of the greatest trepidations of any PPC strategist is that brand CPCs on core brand terms will start to increase and then stay on that path, rising with time. Above is an example of exactly such an increase, where the exact match of a client’s core brand term has been steadily on the rise since 2014.The impact of such an increase in brand CPCs on a PPC account is immediate and dramatic. With a 25% increase in CPCs comes a 25% increase in cost, just like that.
With hundreds of new business websites being created every minute, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to stand out in competitive industries. It’s no longer enough to simply convey valuable information. You need to share this information in provoking ways that are visually appealing to your target market.The Power of VisualsAs a web designer or marketer, you have a number of different tools available to you when it coms to designing pages.
Hello, dear SEMrush Blog readers!Today, we have with us Simon Penson, the founder and MD of Zazzle Media, a content-led digital marketing agency based in the UK. Simon is an accomplished content marketing specialist with ten years of media experience, as well as a former journalist and an editor.This interview was inspired by Simon’s new e-book Content Marketing Campaign Planning eBook – a comprehensive guide that can answer a lot of questions.But new knowledge gives rise to new questions.
On of the key challenges for a digital marketer or a website owner is getting stable and inexhaustible flow of traffic to his or her website. So we decided to devote our #SEOcafe Twitter chat to traffic generation and discover some practical tips and cases of growing a website audience.
For years, we’ve primarily discussed SEO as it relates to the written word. Most SEO focuses on typed keywords, and every marketer in the world wants to make sure their site is the first one to pop up when a given keyword is entered. But the new face of SEO might showcase something completely different – something that doesn’t involve typing at all.Recent years have given rise to virtual assistants that reside in our everyday devices.
In our world of advanced technologies, new methods of information distribution are appearing one after another. Today, the number of podcasters is continually rising, which means that the level of competition between them is becoming increasingly intense. There is no need to say how difficult and time-consuming it is to put together a successful podcast that your audience will be attracted to. So, we decided to discuss techniques and strategies that can help you run a great podcast.
When it comes to delivering content in a selfless and user-friendly fashion, YouTube carries the torch. Though supported by ads, the service is provided free of charge and allows ad-averse users to skip most commercials after just five seconds of watching them.Now, with the launch of YouTube Red, people who can’t even stand watching a few seconds of commercials have the ability to pay a small fee and avoid them altogether.
When you are trying to develop and promote your brand, one of the most effective ways of going about it would be to do some guest blogging. When you take a closer look at it, it’s more than just simple content sharing. With a single guest post, the content you have produced is exposed to an entirely new audience, which will ultimately drive traffic to you website and improve your conversion rate.
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