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Recently I met up with the store manager of a local cherry food retailer in Michigan. They had fantastic products, especially attractive for the fall season. We chatted a little and I asked them about their social media and content strategy. I did notice that the comfort that the manager had while talking about her favorite products was not reflected in our content and media conversation. And, it’s not uncommon.Most small businesses focus on products more than digital trends.
Facebook has done tremendous work making Facebook advertising accessible for companies of all sizes.But the options available to develop variations of ads targeted to millions of combinations of audiences with a handful of different bidding strategies and a dozen or so objective types can get any marketer caught up in what feels like a menu of trial-by-error possibilities.
What is at the heart of creating digital experiences that resonate with users and prompt loyalty and advocacy? People.Traditional “advertising is the art of arresting the human intelligence just long enough to get money from it” (Quote from Chuck Blore in Ben Bagdikian’s The Media Monopoly).
Have you tried Periscope yet? The livestreaming platform has begun to take off over the past few months as companies seek the best way to draw in new audiences, and potential customers, to their broadcasts.Periscope allows users to share live video streams that generally aren’t available afterwards for repeated viewing – it’s kind of like the Snapchat of video sharing.
Halloween is almost here! People will be decorating their homes and the trick-or-treaters will be working on their best trick-or-treat voice.What better way is there for taking advantage of this holiday other than selling your products online?However, there is a gilt-edged catch. To market your products online successfully, your website must be visible. This brings us to the issue of SEO strategies.
Linking is at the very heart of the web. While external links are thought to lose their impact on website rankings year by year, they are still a sign of trust and relevance for search engines. The difference between link building and link earning is huge – just like the difference between a black hat and white hat approach. In fact, if you use external links the wrong way, search engines may even exclude your website from SERPs. So, how can you earn links that are worthwhile.
One of the biggest ways online marketers come up with ideas for what to use in their keyword research is by understanding what their competitors are doing. There will be certain keywords that you will want to target based on what is working for your competition. How do you know? There may be keywords you know that your competition is ranking for that you are not. Manually, this will take way too long to find on your own. However, this is yet another powerful tool that SEMrush offers.
As promised, we've rolled out a few really handy features this week as well as one new addition to the SEMrush Projects tool suite called "SEO Ideas." Unfortunately, I can't and don't necessarily want to dive too deep into this new tool because it's still very much in beta and the real goal is to collect feedback and further the develop the tool before we officially launch it. Keep reading for more info!  
The reign of the press release was brief, yet impactful. For a few years (or could it have been a few months?), it seems like every business in the world was sending out weekly press releases, and every SEO guru was championing PRs as foolproof ways of generating significant Google traction.But oh, how the mighty have fallen. Press releases don’t pack the same search ranking/link building clout they once did, and as such many companies have flat-out discarded them.
Knowing the latest SEO 2016 tactics are essential to keep your website competitive into the new year. It’s a known fact that SEO is undergoing rapid change. In the past four years, the strategies used to rank better have evolved drastically. You probably already know that the Google Penguin update will come into full effect by fall 2015 and this time it is going to be in real-time. With this update, plenty of changes are forecasted in the SEO world.
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