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Cannibal content can be a real drag; in fact, it can be more than that - a silent killer of your digital marketing efforts if left unaddressed.I see it far too often that people focus too heavily on where a keyword is ranking, rather than what page is ranking. If you haven't heard of cannibalisation or aren't currently on the look out for it at the moment, this blog could be well worth your time!
Have you been running Facebook ads for a while? If you’re reading this, chances are you probably had some foundational to intermediate experience running ads.Here’s the brutal truth – while most people out there are advertising to get more likes and engagement, only a rare group of marketers are able to drive an ROI-positive Facebook ad campaign. In other words, for every $1 being spent, successful advertisers can generate $5 in sales.
The sheer amount of “essential” social media tools out there is astounding. The lists of social media tools you can’t live without have expanded from 10 to 30 to the hundreds, making my eyes glaze over. How do you know which tools are truly great and which ones are superfluous? I’ve cultivated a few questions I find myself asking over and over when looking into social media tools, and which ones answer the call with gusto.
Public relations and editorial links work together to ensure success of modern SEO – that’s a fact. However, it is possible to have excellent public relations, but have no links to the relevant news stories to complete the picture for anyone searching for your company on the internet. Should this be the case, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get all you can from your SEO.
Around the summer of 1998, I had the good fortune to meet a metal band from my school. They were intensely talented, and each of them was uniquely colorful in their own way. I could easily fill a novel with stories from the times I was allowed to hang out with this tight group of friends, and when I reflect back on those times, I can’t help but smile. Though we really only had a few years to know each other, a great deal of things in my life is somewhat informed by those experiences.
Many of today’s popular websites are fat, slow and littered with ads.Because advertising is the primary source of revenue for websites, it makes sense that they’re loaded with ads. But it’s unforgivable how much these sites have suffered in overall quality because of how these ads are presented.Sites are slow, the ads are ugly and intrusive, and users are avoiding them altogether by turning to ad blocking.
Visual content is a powerful instrument that can boost traffic and conversions. This is easily demonstrated by viewing a successful blog or the social media posts of leading companies. Although many understand the importance of images, a lot of bloggers and marketers find creating unique, relevant visuals difficult.Are there any tools that can help? What images are more likely to engage your audience.
Digital marketers are spoiled by the riches of robust data and analytics. Gone are the "Mad Men" days of ad creation based on a gut feeling, placed in a public setting and measured with guesswork from subsequent sales increases. Now we can measure real visitors, their actions on our website and the direct impact on our bottom line.
Hi everyone! Once again, you‘ll notice a lack of video this week because, although there were plenty of upgrades to SEMrush, they all happened in the back end. When this happens, it‘s usually changes to our billing systems or even product feature launches that aren‘t quite ready for public release. But rest assured, I‘ll have some really great stuff for you next week.
First and foremost, let me state on the record that SEMrush is not paying me to write this. As a contributor to their amazing and informative blog and active user of the product for over a year now, I’ve become an advocate.Here’s my story about how I’ve helped create a smarter sales team at my company by empowering them with [digital] knowledge and understanding.
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