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 Many native ad providers have “emerged” since native advertising became a buzzword. And it’s no wonder: native ad spend is estimated to climb to nearly $8 billion this year and keep growing to $21 billion by 2018.To make sure you’re getting the best campaign results, the strongest ROI and the most value from this growing trend, there are a few important things to consider.
The Apple iPhone 6 has proven to have a shorter battery life than most other mobile devices (even including some other iPhone lineup devices). For the app savvy and mobile Internet wizards, this short battery life is more than a curse. For all the mobile necessities, such as apps, camera and mobile browsing, the battery drain is a major issue. Let's look at the 1byOne iPhone 6 rechargeable case, which can alleviate some of these issues.
You‘ve likely heard the term, but what exactly is e-commerce tracking? In short, it‘s a feature on Google Analytics that allows you to track online transactions on e-commerce websites. It provides detailed analytical data to help establish the right path to maximum ROI. E-Commerce tracking even lets you see online traffic sources to improve your conversions. Doesn’t that sound exciting? It’s rather simple to enable your website for generating such information.
 “Can you create a website for my business that will help my business make more money?”You might not ask it that way or that directly and you may never bring it up with a web designer, but isn’t that the real question you have when you go to build a website for your business?When I was in web design and development I had to learn to listen for the real issues and questions that my prospects and clients had. Rarely were the real issues ever on the surface.
If you are a company who has contemplated outsourcing your Internet marketing efforts, you have most likely been approached by multiple agencies to work with them. You could have very well have had some sort of dialogue with one of these agencies and had trouble committing because you do not know enough about them. It is basically like starting a relationship with someone online but you can’t commit because you have never met them before or even know if they‘re real.
We all know people with authority impact marketing. If this were not so, marketers would not be standing in line for social media mentions from celebrities and experts. People and customers are, overall, much more likely to trust someone they know and respect than an unknown brand from the Internet. How can we use influence marketing to increase both traffic and conversions.
An extremely huge thank you to everyone we had the pleasure of speaking with at both Pubcon and Shop.org. It‘s great to meet so many diehard users and SEMrush enthusiasts. You are what makes it all worth it and Customer Success Manager, Ryan West, absolutely killed it at this years Pubcon. I‘m so proud of him! Watch this weeks video changelog for a look at our latest updates and keep reading for more on SEMrush Health stats.      
For e-commerce businesses trying to be successful, a sound marketing strategy is one of the fundamental elements one has to formulate and implement in order to even survive online. Yet we see so many businesses wasting resources on channels that don’t pay off, others trying to rush through the slow process of building awareness, while some call it quits, discouraged by the high fees required to either build an in-house marketing team or outsource to an agency.
If you’re a marketer, you’ve probably heard the term “content marketing” about eight million times — to the point where it’s started to lose the pizzazz it once had.We’re all inundated with content in our inboxes, newsfeeds and other digital channels ad nauseam. So as marketers, how do we build a B2B marketing strategy that gets above the noise and generates high-quality content that boosts conversions and revenue.
Business owners are always watching their bottom line, searching for ways to cut costs, and re-evaluating expenses at the end of the fiscal year. They’re often tempted to cut digital marketing services such as SEO, seeing that price tag as an extra expense or something that can be handled in house.Many small SEO firms work with clients for only a few months before moving on to other accounts.
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