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The advancement of SEO has been influenced by a number of different things, from social media to content marketing. In fact, it’s as if all marketing practices mixed together yield great SEO.Moz founder Rand Fishkin shared a similar sentiment:When you have a collection of best practices, you can learn a lot from the older practices that led to this point. The same is true with SEO.SEO isn’t just a modern practice.
Finally, the day we’ve all be waiting for: GIFs are now officially supported on Facebook to supplement regular images. While this is great news for lovers of cat GIFs, it can also be a big step for your social marketing campaign. They say video is the future of online marketing, and these animated images are the logical next step for marketers looking to make the leap. GIFs can be easy to consume, emotionally impactful, and eye-catching — and ideal tool for digital marketers.
Communication between SEOs and CEOs is quite different than communication between team members. Alongside researching, exploring, setting the tasks and asking questions, SEOs have to know how to report their team's results, present achievements and answer questions using accessible terms. You could say that SEOs have to know CEO optimization. Today will talk about the best ways to explain SEO to the CEO with Heather Lutze, Master Trainer & Owner of Findability University.
I grew up in a tiny, isolated town in Northeast Pennsylvania. Not much to see and not much for a teenager to do besides get in trouble.However, the region did contain a number of novelties: a nearby town that’s been on fire for over 250 years due to an underground coal mining incident, Amish folks, covered bridges and more. But perhaps the best attraction for the youth trapped in this place that time forgot is an amusement park in the middle of nowhere. It, too, is pretty old.
In the world of agile software development, things change very rapidly. We went from having a rather slow week, last week, to pushing through some huge changes. I hope everyone is ready, because you‘re in for a big treat.[Video] ChangelogDid you notice the added parentheses? Unfortunately, there‘s about a 2:1 ratio of page views to video plays which means that roughly half of the post readers don‘t view the embedded video.
SEO has changed dramatically in the past few years, resulting in drastic changes to SEO strategies. One of the biggest changes to emerge is the shift to high-quality content.Content has become crucial to a website or business’s credibility. The main focus is to create helpful and useful resources that will grab your audience’s attention and establish yourself as a credible source of information.
When I learned about SEMrush’s Women in Tech column, the first person that came to mind was my friend, Tracy Hermans. Tracy and I spend a lot of time talking about tech and our lives as digital marketers along with the evolution of women in the space.Tracy is responsible for digital marketing at Wet Seal, LLC. She manages the online marketing channels, web analytics and social media strategy for the e-commerce division at the fast fashion retailer.
There is a pervasive myth that women aren’t drawn to tech-industry jobs because of inadequate encouragement in math and science classes in school. Within this dominant paradigm, it’s assumed that when more women enter science and engineering programs, the diversity problem will fix itself.No, it won’t. At least not while we’re convincing ourselves that the pipeline is the problem.
In part I of my four-part series about creating high-traffic, data-driven content, I discussed determining customer life-cycle stages, curating content, identifying voice and creating the right content for your audience. In this segment, we'll take a look at creating content surrounding trends and events.
Writing great content can be like playing a game of golf. (Really!)Just as you would approach any round of golf using the game's tried and true rules, you likewise can apply a reliable set of standards to writing content. When you want to enjoy the same success with writing that you have on the green, you can approach your content game with these important writing rules in mind.
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