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In part I of my four-part series about creating high-traffic, data-driven content, I discussed determining customer life-cycle stages, curating content, identifying voice and creating the right content for your audience. In this segment, we'll take a look at creating content surrounding trends and events.
Writing great content can be like playing a game of golf. (Really!)Just as you would approach any round of golf using the game's tried and true rules, you likewise can apply a reliable set of standards to writing content. When you want to enjoy the same success with writing that you have on the green, you can approach your content game with these important writing rules in mind.
If there’s one thing small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) understand, it’s how to operate on a shoestring budget. And that’s what makes social media marketing seem like such a great outreach tool. After all, social media platforms are free to use for companies and customers alike. And the only cost involved is the time it takes to plan and implement a strategy.Yeah, right. If only it were that easy.
You guys like my fancy new header image? I think it means our Marketing Team has finally accepted me. :) As usual, let‘s get started with the video changelog!Video Changelog This week, we‘re looking at the addition of our Spanish Blog, as well as the revival of the SEOquake toolbar. A new version will surely be in development for a while, but I think we‘re all really excited at the prospect of the SEOquake toolbar rising from the ashes and moving into the modern ages.
At first glance, the discussion of whether social signals impact SEO seems like an anarchic conversation, top heavy with opinions and absent of data. Many of these conversations started before seismic shifts within the SEO industry. Yes, Matt Cutts announced back in 2014 that Google does not factor in the number of likes or followers in their web ranking algorithm. However, in that same video, he leads with this statement:Black and white, right? Not really.
E-commerce is tricky. It’s not something that’s easy to comprehend. Sometimes you need some outside help to really drive things forward. You can do that with a series of specialized e-commerce services.In this article, we’re going to go into the top five services that can help get your e-commerce website off the ground!PrestashopPrestashop is a form of e-commerce software that helps you to build your online selling platform free.
As search engine marketers, we know that the best time for us to be involved with a web design or redesign project is right at the beginning, so that SEO can be 'baked in' to the process right from the start. However, sometimes a website will be built and SEO will be a later consideration (usually if it's because it doesn't rank).
One thing an SEO must do is monitor KPIs. What is that?KPIs are your “Key Performance Indicators.” If you’re new to SEO, you probably wonder what those are, or you may think that the only KPI that’s important is involved with traffic. Or you saw KPI when you did some keyword research at a particular site, and wondered what it meant then or if it was important. Right?In my mind, each situation is different. A keyword may have a KPI, but that doesn’t mean that it will for your page.
NAPs, Citations, IYPs? Welcome to the world of local SEO, and this world is in a constant state of flux.In this post we’ll focus on how to improve your local search rankings and cover some best practices. By the end, you’ll be rocking the pack listings like an SEO rock star.
You probably spend huge amounts of dollars on pay per click campaigns, pumping massive amounts of traffic to your site. A decent percent of this traffic might convert, but chances are that you are missing an even greater number.And then you may also use retargeting to retarget your abandoning visitors at a later time. But unless you’re a big brand with a healthy retargeting spend, it’s very likely that you aren’t reeling in all abandoning users.
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