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As a former Senior Account Manager for SEMrush, I worked with dozens of people to integrate API. Individuals and companies that offer free tools bring new creative ways to access SEMrush data and are a critical part of growing the user community.What’s been missing — and what I’m now providing for free — is a tool that does bulk query via form: drop in your bulk search terms and API, and GO.
Why should you even set KPIs (key performance indicators)? Probably a fairly sensible question to ask every once in a while. I think it’s a question that too many people forget to consider often enough, with a sad majority setting the same old KPIs each time because they feel it’s ‘just the thing to do.'As an agency or an in-house team, it’s highly unlikely that someone’s engaged your services to ‘just do some things, at some point.
Hello dear SEMrush blog readers!Content and social media both are integral parts of a digital marketing puzzle. What impact can they have on a SEO strategy? What is the best way to blend them together to boost your search visibility? How can you gain user-generated content and benefit from it? Let's find out the answers together with our Twitter chat participants!
Hi SEMrush‘ers!The results of last week‘s post were very promising, especially since we launched the content on a Friday before a major holiday. So I couldn‘t be happier. Let‘s hope the trend continues! Below, you‘ll find this weeks Video Changelog, SEMrush Health and some information about open positions in our Customer Success Department.
Getting visitors to your website is a challenging job for many business these days. In fact, the competition for grabbing user attention has never been fiercer.A blog is arguably the most effective tool to summon the desired attention and interest from your users, increase website traffic, generate leads and develop long-lasting, happy customers. eMarketer reveals these trends are expected to maintain an upward course as blogs continue to gain influence in the mainstream media.
Mastering local SEO may sound daunting, but it’s one of the most important marketing strategies your small business can employ to find success. Fortunately, great SEO essentially boils down to delivering quality content that’s valuable to customers. Here are seven tips to help you along your journey of becoming an SEO master.1. Get OrganizedAny winning strategy, regardless of type, begins with preparation and the same is true for winning at SEO.
Have you ever Googled a website only to find a second Google search box embedded underneath the first? That’s a recently updated Google feature, the Sitelinks search box. It has the capability to streamline your own website’s search function, but opinions are mixed regarding the benefit it provides.Here’s the rundown on how Google’s Sitelinks search box works, both sides of the controversy about its usefulness, and how to maximize your own benefit.
The 2015 chapter of Worldwide Developers Conference by Apple is scheduled at next month and this year the brand is going to unveil an array of enhancements and new products with quintessential advanced tech edge long associated with the brand. The conference which is scheduled to run from June 8 through June 12 in San Francisco will showcase a gamut of new hardware, software innovations, enhancements and services from the ace tech brand.
Images are extremely powerful in conveying messages in social media even with a single glance. Humans are visual creatures who easily gets drawn when looking at images, which is a crucial factor to succeed in social media marketing.In fact, a Facebook post accompanied with an image gets way more engagement than a plain text post.
Receiving high quality backlinks from .gov sites can dramatically increase your website rankings, but actually getting those powerful backlinks is a monumental task. Although there remains some debate over the true value of .gov extensions with Matt Cutts stating, “Google doesn’t treat .gov or .edu domains any differently,” most SEO professionals feel otherwise.Google may not view them any better than .com. .net, or .org, but the authority factor .gov links hold gives them extra SEO power.
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