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Images are extremely powerful in conveying messages in social media even with a single glance. Humans are visual creatures who easily gets drawn when looking at images, which is a crucial factor to succeed in social media marketing.In fact, a Facebook post accompanied with an image gets way more engagement than a plain text post.
Receiving high quality backlinks from .gov sites can dramatically increase your website rankings, but actually getting those powerful backlinks is a monumental task. Although there remains some debate over the true value of .gov extensions with Matt Cutts stating, “Google doesn’t treat .gov or .edu domains any differently,” most SEO professionals feel otherwise.Google may not view them any better than .com. .net, or .org, but the authority factor .gov links hold gives them extra SEO power.
Contests and competitions can be great ways to stimulate an interest in your brand brand. When properly used, they can also maximize your SEO value.This article highlights the ways you should execute competitions for direct SEO benefits.Select a TargetBefore creating a contest, you need have your goals in mind and what you want to achieve. The concept needs to be built around this.
Content is king! Content is king! Content is king!That cheer has arisen from every quarter of the Internet community like an army in a Game of Thrones episode greeting their Khaleesi.Content marketing has proven to be one of the most effective methods of reaching consumers and connecting brands with potential customers. We all love content marketing and content is the best thing since sliced bread and apple pie.Until you have to manage and schedule that content.
The worldwide tech community is already feeling the heat of rising expectations from the upcoming Google I/O 2015, the Android Developers Congress from Google. Apart from facilitating a sharing platform for ideas and new Android products, the event draws particular attention to Google’s latest announcement of its bevy of Android products and surprising additions and enhancements to the platform.
The ever-increasing use of smart phones means that mobile search should be a high priority for web marketers. Google thinks so too.The Google mobile update rolled out on April 21, 2015, with the main goal of providing more mobile-friendly results to its users.
One of the primary responsibilities in any job today includes tracking, applying and understanding of business numbers on a daily basis. From content marketers to product design specialists to financial analysts, no function is spared the need for translating their work and its impact on the business in pure numerical format.
If I ate a banana for every time I heard the word "mobile" and "marketing" in the same sentence, then I'd probably be looking exactly like Ron Swanson by now. It’s a little nauseating, right? (GIF sources)But as much as our favorite blogs and thought leaders have covered the topic of mobile to death, it’s important to take it for what it truly is: a new device that requires different tactics that you might not have thought of before.
Hello dear SEMrush Blog readers!Today we have a very interesting topic. We'll talk about advertising. Be ready to get advice on building your campaign from the best experts in the industry and our special guest expert David Szetela@Szetela, CMO for Vizion Interactive, author, speaker and expert in PPC advertising.Get to know secrets of PPC specialist daily planning, social media advertising capabilities and seven reasons why AdWords is a number one choice. Let's dive in!
Hi SEMrush‘ers!Here we are on the cusp of a major holiday in the US. But, before we run off to the beach and fire up the grill, I want to talk about some of the recent deploys on semrush.com, the overall health of the software and some insight into our customer success program here at SEMrush. Let‘s get started.
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