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Hi SEMrush‘ers!Here we are on the cusp of a major holiday in the US. But, before we run off to the beach and fire up the grill, I want to talk about some of the recent deploys on semrush.com, the overall health of the software and some insight into our customer success program here at SEMrush. Let‘s get started.
Crowdfunding is when a large number of donors contribute small amounts of money during an online fundraising campaign in order to finance a new product, project, venture, adventure or even an entire company. Crowdfunding campaigns have been used by video game companies and movie makers, toy makers and authors, and the possible uses are nearly limitless for startup companies. But you know what they say: if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.
Percussive maintenance is the fine art of repeatedly hitting something until it works properly. In my experience, that process might release some anger, but it rarely solves the problem.And yet, it seems content marketers use percussive maintenance every day. They expect their efforts to work by repeatedly hitting the same topics over and over. Not only does the content look like the things others publish, but it all sounds the same too.
Google’s ‘GoogleBot’ crawler visits sites large and small across the globe daily and these site’s pages are read and scrutinized before being added into Google’s index. Some pages don’t get included for specific reasons such as a ‘noindex’ tag in the meta of the page or a canonical link pointing to a different page is found instead. Sometimes the page just isn’t that good and Google doesn’t include it or the page/domain is blacklisted.
Blog traffic from organic sources (non-paid) can be a complete headache for both beginner bloggers and some more experienced bloggers who may have reached a traffic ceiling.Perhaps you are trying to enter an industry that is way too competitive, or maybe you are getting a good amount of visits from your years of blogging, but now you simply don’t have the same amount of time to put into promotion to gather more referrals. Maybe you have writer's block.
How can you become a mini data scientist?I previously had a go at answering this question in another article I wrote for the SEMrush blog, "How to be a Mini SEO Data Scientist." In the end, the article was a bit underwhelming by my own standards; I dove into social media, and whether or not shares affected traffic.So, this time, I decided to start again. In this article, I will focus on SEO and data science.
You have a great idea for a business. You are smart, you are motivated and you are driven. But you’re only missing one thing: the money. So what do you do? Well, many fledgling businesses are now turning to crowdfunding to fill in the financial gaps.Crowdfunding or setting up a “Kickstarter” campaign has quickly become one of the top new ways budding entrepreneurs go about starting their own company.
Hustling is a good word. I’m talking about the working hard, getting up early, never giving up, and making every minute count definition of the word. This is the word Gary Vaynerchuk says is the most important word. Hustling has been in my DNA as long as I can remember.
SEMrush’s main goal is to provide the best insights and help professionals from all over the world to grow. We pursue this goal through our blog and the services that we provide.And we found another great way to share this knowledge with you.Next month we are supporting a big digital marketing conference – Web Marketing Festival in Rimini, Italy, where you can dive into the depths of SEO and marketing knowledge with the greatest speakers from all over the world.
 Growth. It’s the one truly essential thing for success as a startup. And while not growing quickly enough to gain traction is an obvious issue, growing too quickly can be just as detrimental.Before chasing expansion, it’s important to have a solid foundation in place that can support the ups and downs and twists and turns inherent with an expanding startup.Having a plan is important. Having a vision is important. Having the right infrastructure in place is important.
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