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Videos are rapidly becoming an integral part of the online marketing strategies of influential and innovative companies. They have taken center stage for businesses when it comes to communicating important concepts to their target audiences.However, the audience watching the video may not always click through to the business’ website. There might be multiple reasons for that: The content is irrelevant. They might not be able to find your video easily.
Michael Scott, Ron Swanson and Donald Trump all have something in common besides their nice haircuts and good looks — they’re boss at being the boss. When it comes to the world of content writing, there’s so much competition.There will always be better blogs, better products and, yes, even bosses with better mustaches than Swanson’s. How can you make your content stand out from the crowd?
Jeremy will join SEMrush on March 5 for a free webinar, “Find the Words That Stick: Make Your Brand Googleable." Learn more about the webinar after the jump!Nothing will accelerate your brand, or your clients’ brands, more than achieving Simple Clarity. This is the ability to describe your business and what makes it unique in ten words or less.When you achieve Simple Clarity, it makes your brand easier to remember, easier to refer and easier to talk about.
Amel will join SEMrush on March 4 for a free webinar,“How to Increase Your Website Revenue Using a Data-Driven SEO Campaign.“ Learn more about the webinar after the jump!“Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.” - H.
If you’ve only used keywords to understand how to market your product, you’re not tapping its potential.Lists of keywords tell us what people want.They don’t tell us why.Boredom, fatigue, illness and hunger ... people buy for a reason. Maybe you think of these ideas willy nilly as you type, but how can you engineer them without fail?With the FCB Grid.Also called the Vaughn Grid, it’s a tool that was designed by the Senior Vice President of Foote, Cone and Belding way back in 1980.
As marketers, we talk a lot about target audiences and buyer personas. Understanding them is often listed as one of the most fundamental tasks for any marketing activity. We hypothesize, conduct interviews, and create content and landing pages tailored to each persona.Yet, most of us still do not fully understand our target audience. They can surprise us with their responses to the content that we had created specifically for them.
For many brands, SEO marketing is a strong tactic that effectively boosts visibility and conversion rates. However, many fail to realistically anticipate the time commitment and proper foundation that is required.The reality is that SEO can become a game that closely resembles a never-ending chess match. However, you can increase your chances of success by knowing what to expect and building flexibility into your timeline.
Design is important. Search engine optimization is important. So, how the hell do we get them to play nicely together?The answer is that it takes cooperation from both sides. What most people don’t realize is that SEO and design already fit together fairly nicely. The challenge lies in communication and teamwork.Let’s start by jumping into the minds of each role.
Hello, dear SEMrush blog readers!First of all, about the numbers — our last chat, “How to Integrate SEO into the Marketing Mix!” with special guest expert Mike Moran, was the most popular SEMrush Twitter Chat so far!We had twice as many tweets and participants! (And as a result, twice as much excitement!)So, let’s dive into a mix of SEO, great insights, high-level expertise and fun!UNBELIEVABLE stats of today's #SEMrushchat!!! via @TweetBinder cc: @MikeMoran pic.twitter.
Nick will join SEMrush on February 26 for a free webinar, “Data Mining with SEMrush — Unlocking SEMrush for the Serious SEO'er.” Learn more about the webinar after the jump!If you want to be a mini SEO data scientist, it's a case of simply shifting your mindset from accepting what you're told to challenging assumptions based on rational thinking.Irrational thinking is accepting everything Google tells you without validating it. Most people never question why something is the way it is.
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