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Consumers have seemingly infinite options when it comes to reading content, whether in the form of written posts, images, videos, or micro blogs. The job of the content marketer — getting consumers to read and assimilate your content into their daily lives and habits — certainly isn‘t easy. And without close management, it can start taking over your life.
Great SEO specialists are like Renaissance men and women – knowledgeable, with many talents. Today, we found one to generously share his story with you on the blog!David Amerland, journalist, advisor and author, talks about the mistakes we face in life and in SEO, and the lessons we can learn from them.Your book "Google Semantic Search" is a bestseller. What can you tell us about it? What do you like most about the book.
Sometimes it’s not easy for SEO beginners to prioritize SEO tasks, or know which practices are more effective for small business. That’s why we asked our contributors – specialists in small and medium enterprises (SME) – to give you advice on getting started the right way.Don’t forget to save this presentation with summarized tips for future reference! Please share your tips and tricks for SME in the comments – we’d love to add them later.
Hello, SEMrush blog readers! This year, we are going to continue our SEMrush PRO talk series of interviews with SEO pros.Today, please enjoy this interview with Mike Moran. He is an expert in Internet marketing, social media and SEO, and senior strategist for Converseon, a leading digital media marketing consultancy based in New York City.Mike gives great advice on avoiding SEO mistakes, and talks about agile marketing and the differences between working with big and small businesses.
SEMrush is known first and foremost as a tool provider. But there’s more to our story.Behind the tool lies far more data about keywords and their corresponding metrics than any of our competitors track or monitor. Many opportunities — which take advantage of custom reports we generate from this massive dataset — are under-utilized. A small number of brands and agencies “think beyond the tool,” working with our account management team to develop profitable strategies for their websites.
Remarketing is a paid search strategy that continues to blow my friends' and family's minds."Look!" they exclaim. "How did they know that I was wanting a purple duvet cover?"It's at that point I explain remarketing to them and how cookies track your browsing history.The idea of remarketing is enough to make any marketer excited. But when actually put into practice, the theory is much better than what actually happens.
Outreach matters. Research matters. Your tone, style and delivery matter. But ultimately, nothing contributes more to the success of your content than the idea.Assuming you have above average skills as a writer and a researcher, the idea is really what makes or breaks your blog post. People need content based around an idea that is either unique or extremely useful to them.You need quality ideas. How? It starts with having a lot of ideas.Because with enough quantity, you get quality.
Today, I had someone ask me how to become an SEO because she owned a copy shop. They do websites on the side, and wanted to sell SEO services to her clients. My first thought was to tell this woman to get a prescription for Xanax before she did anything else. As we all know, becoming a competent SEO doesn’t happen overnight, and it can be completely frustrating!And think about it: to really learn all the ins and outs of SEO is virtually impossible, and why there are SEO specialists.
Last year, I was working with a client whose site was routinely ranking in the 4-8 spots on Google for their #1 keyword, a solid showing for any brand. Their organic traffic was pretty steady month to month, so they were trying to find ways to increase new visitors to the site.My suggestion? Let's look into some slightly different, yet related, avenues where we can build up their organic presence to reach more potential customers.
For many, the task of dominating their online industry via search engine optimization without a SEO company remains mysterious. Can it still be done Post-Penguin? Post-Hummingbird? If so, how do the SEO experts accomplish it in this new day and age?Just like a handy man, you are only as good as the tools you use. An experienced SEO marketer has a handful of tools at his/her disposal depending on the mission.

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