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SEMrush offers a wide range of functions for analyzing webpages and their performance in search engines. In this article, I am going to explain how you can perform an SEO audit with SEMrush tools and identify opportunities for optimization, as well as how you can determine how your competitors are doing.For this analysis, we’ve chosen to look at the Spanish version of Samsung.com and see how it is applying Google-quality guidelines.
Heading into the holiday season, paid search marketers are working to make sure their accounts are in good shape to garner more clicks, impressions and conversions. With no time left to optimize before Black Friday and little time before Cyber Monday, it’s important to take time to conduct competitive research. It often gets pushed aside due to the amount time of it can take.
So you have a client who wants to dominate his market, and he has come to you — out of all the SEO professionals out there — to make it happen.He wants to "be on Page 1" for a group of keywords that you, frankly, can’t change his mind about. His company is hell-bent on ranking for these keywords.
There are many reasons to love content marketing. There’s the audience engagement and sharing potential. There are the SEO benefits, and the reduced marketing costs.And then there is the work.Despite all the benefits of content marketing, there’s no denying it’s a lot of work. Creating content takes time and requires a well-thought out strategy behind it to work. Part of that strategy is figuring out which content vehicles — or formats — are most effective.
 What does the next year have in store for content marketers? In 2014, we evangelized the terms marketing automation, customer-centric marketing, big data and brand storytelling. This year, new trends are on the horizon.From content marketplaces to native advertising, this post covers key tactics that will drive content marketing efforts in 2015.Read, digest, comment and share.
Have you ever had an interview that was really uncomfortable? You know, the interview during which everyone fired questions at you and watched with blank expressions as you squirmed in your seat. The interview where it wasn’t just your suit that was making you sweat and you couldn’t wait to get away.On the flip side, have you ever had an interview that went just swimmingly? The interview where you walked in the room and instantly relaxed because everyone smiled and joked with you.
 When identifying growth strategies for any business I like to start by focusing on two things.First, what data can I find that supports specific actions? Second, what are the influencers doing in their own businesses?This holds true for all growth strategies I test, but it’s especially important within the world of SEO. There are so many differing opinions among SEO practitioners that it can be difficult to know what actions will have the most impact.Follow the data.
PPC marketing is an extremely structured and precise form of marketing. The way keywords are structured into campaigns and ad groups and then targeted to send traffic to areas of the site allows for very precise allocation of the marketing budget and very accurate ROI per campaign.On the other hand, SEO is typically a much less targeted channel.
How do humans create myths? Here's a kind of “recipe”: Take one part accident, combine it with your own fantasies and wishes, and add a bit of ignorance. Some consider myths to be nothing but a lack of knowledge, but maybe they’re just an effort to achieve it.SEO, like any other marketing technique, has been surrounded by myth since its inception. Moreover, SEO myths are twice as powerful as Hercules and as slippery as Loki.
I’ve done a few pieces about Budweiser, particularly related to their over reliance on ads and generally poor social media presence. This is a company that has seriously faltered in the internet age.Growing up, Bud was the biggest beer in the world and the king of TV. They were known for their clever ads, like the talking frogs.However, when social media exploded, Bud never adapted.
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