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Are you ready to improve your presentation and public speaking skills? Pole Star Digital’s CEO & Founder Ned Poulter has some valuable tips for you. Ned’s tips are also featured in SEMrush’s ‘How to Cook Up an Awesome Deck’ Slideshare.Ned answered some frequently asked questions to help you succeed at public speaking and presentations: How do you create a presentation from start to finish? Please describe the steps you normally take to put together all your slides.
Want to make it to the top of Google Shopping search results so that shoppers actually find your products instead of those sold by your competitors? Then try this hack with SEMrush, Lengow and AdWords.In four simple steps, you can make sure to maximize your product listings on Google Shopping1) Focus on (and exclude) specific keywordsIf you want to open the door to more sales, you need to key in on the right words…pun intended.
Hello dear SEMrush Blog readers!Do you like good content as much as your users? On a previous Twitter chat we were joined by special guest Content Marketing Institute (@CMIContent), the organizer of Content Marketing World event and publisher of the Chief Content Officer Magazine. Along with hundreds of our participants, we determined that great content is a high-priority task for a lot of marketers.
It was only a matter of time before mobile-friendly websites evolved from something nice to have into something all businesses must have.Mobile-friendly websites have nice features which create seamless experiences for people who use their smart phones or other mobile devices for accessing the Internet. These are sites which are specifically designed and optimized for easy viewing, regardless of the device people are using as they browse and search the Internet.
Companies with a sales and marketing team share data to improve their revenue generating process. This is no surprise.But sharing data is harder said than done when it comes to using paid search for lead generation.How do we know?Not too long ago, Forrester released a report that showed less than 1% of leads convert into customers for the average company. That’s right, 99% of leads are worthless.Exceptionally poor lead conversion rates mean we have a lot opportunity to improve.
SEMrush is my favorite competitive research tool that I use for everything from organic and paid keyword research to understanding market share in a specific region. A few months ago, I was working on a large project where it made sense to look beyond the SEMrush interface and pull data directly from their servers via the SEMrush API. The problem was that I’d never used an API before and wasn’t able to locate any resources for a noob like myself to get started.
For half a year, we have run a “Tip-of-the-Day” rubric on social media. We’ve taken the very best from our blog posts, webinars, Twitter chats, etc. and selected the best quotes for a variety of marketing issues. We’ve chosen ones that are smart, sharp, surprising, controversial and, most importantly, very useful.Today we released 100 Tip-of-the-Day pictures (see SlideShare below).
Finding keyword opportunities is becoming more and more difficult, with the markets we work in becoming even more competitive.I recently wrote a post that went through my five steps to spotting keyword opportunities using a piece of campaign management software, but there are lots of tools that can help you to spot keyword opportunities.
An effective outreach strategy not only ensures that you receive backlinks to your website but also helps bring in new traffic sources and builds relationships with other website owners. Implementing and maintaining a strong outreach strategy can create an exceptional online presence and ensure your brand’s visibility.
As we already determined on our previous SEMrush Twitter Chat, SEO does not compete with any marketing activities, rather it complements them. Content marketing is a part of the process, and it‘s probably one of the most important parts.Last week we were discovering SEO copywriting tips on our chat with Stephen Kenwright, Head of Search at Branded3.
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