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SEO, the make-or-break factor for getting noticed in the digital world: how do you stand out as a new business?You could spend hours researching this subject. While that doesn't hurt, you can read this post and get started with four simple steps.  
We all know what it’s like working with clients who misalign offline and online business concerns. This is especially true of clients running local businesses who know exactly who their competition is and what it takes to beat those competitors offline. However, that offline understanding often clouds the insight needed to win online in the SERPs.One such client we have is a high-end real estate brokerage. Their most expensive listing at the moment is going for $19 million.
OK, most website owners and marketing managers understand that it's not social media marketing versus SEO; the two really go hand-in-hand.The content you create not only fuels your social media activity (keeping you connected to your social audience), it also creates valuable landing pages in the SERPs. This helps your website earn better quality links, which in turn helps build your online brand presence.
Effective websites try to steer user behavior toward desired outcomes while gathering behavioral data. This data, in turn, allows for adaptive changes on a website that will better steer users.Behavioral data is, of course, directly connected with user intent. Understanding what type of person your customer is through the actions is what allows you to predict what path they are likely to take on your site.
A few weeks ago, fellow contributor Paul Bliss wrote an article about why black hat SEO is awesome. It got me thinking that there is no winning in our current state.Search engines dole out punishment indiscriminately either on a massive scale with massive algorithm changes (Panda, Hummingbird) or on an individual site basis with trial in absentia (Penguin). The search engines do not want any SEO beyond what they themselves develop. So, anything we do as a community is bad.
It can be really easy to get sucked into only focusing on a few main keywords in your SEO efforts. However, if you slip into this habit you will lose out on a great deal of opportunity. The reality is there are hundreds of other long tail keywords related to your business that people are searching for.Smart marketers will not only focus on the main keywords, but also identify opportunity for rankings in less-competitive long tail keywords that can add up to big gains.
Today, Google announced the expansion of its Product Listing Ads program. Shopping Campaigns is now available for all online merchants.Shopping Campaigns has been in beta since October, and is a new way to structure Product Listing Ads in the AdWords login. 
I was Googling for presents for Valentine’s Day last week. As I searched, I thought about how hard it must be for retailers to fight for positions in the SERPs for certain holidays.So, I spent a romantic Friday evening trying to find the ”winners” of the Valentine’s Day race, and understand how they did it. (I hope you had more interesting things to do, by the way :)) I think this post will be interesting for those who didn’t have a chance to use SEMrush for competitors’ research.
Consumers have seemingly infinite options when it comes to reading content, whether in the form of written posts, images, videos, or micro blogs. The job of the content marketer — getting consumers to read and assimilate your content into their daily lives and habits — certainly isn‘t easy. And without close management, it can start taking over your life.
Sometimes it’s not easy for SEO beginners to prioritize SEO tasks, or know which practices are more effective for small business. That’s why we asked our contributors – specialists in small and medium enterprises (SME) – to give you advice on getting started the right way.Don’t forget to save this presentation with summarized tips for future reference! Please share your tips and tricks for SME in the comments – we’d love to add them later.
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