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SEMrush‘s Director of Marketing, Michael Stricker, recently sat down with CIO.com to offer up his list of the Top 10 Technical SEO Issues affecting sites today. In an earlier blog post, Mike detailed his first five selections. Below, he makes his next five choices, providing his suggested fixes for each.
Creating a blog for your business can be a challenge. But if you follow the steps below, you can use keyword research to drive your content creation strategy and help take the guesswork out of editorial decisions.  
SEO can be unpredictable, and Google can be treacherous. Vivint.com has felt it all.Vivint.com, a website specializing in home security and home automation, dramatically fell in the rankings this past January. 
Vacation season has started, and today we invite you to make a trip around the world of SEO!How is it possible that Google isn’t the most popular search engine? Which social networks are bigger than Facebook? How is SEO different in different countries?Learn the answers to these questions in this post. Also, don’t forget to take a look at the SlideShare presentation to find out information about local SEO blogs, SEO tools and much more.
Most of us understand that stale content isn’t what Google wants to promote these days. They want new, fresh, entertaining or educational material, and they want what we publish to be well-written with proper spelling and grammar.As a writer, I think this is great. And as a searcher (as we all are), nothing is worse than typing in a search term and coming back with a load of spammy, useless content. I hate when that happens.
Over the last couple of years Google AdWords has given e-commerce advertisers strong options for both dynamic advertising and remarketing. These options have proved invaluable for showcasing highly relevant, tailored ads to searchers, specifically for advertisers with thousands of products.The three campaign types that allow for this powerful advertising include: Dynamic Search Ads (DSA), Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA) and Dynamic Remarketing.
Matt Cutts via Twitter announced the release of the latest incarnation of the Google Panda algorithm update on May 20. Preliminary data shows that Panda 4.0 may have affected 7.5 percent of frequently searched terms in the SERPs, making this an update with potentially far-reaching consequences for many sites.I intend to contribute a better understanding of the potential effects of the Panda 4.0 algorithm update through data analysis.
In the wake of Hummingbird, content and search marketing’s buzzword darlings (valuable, diverse, organic) have been featured in more headlines than a “Real Housewives“ diva. We all know that diverse, engaging content creates a meaningful user experience and supports the quality signals that feed search engines’ ranking algorithms. Yet, the perfect formula can be elusive for niche businesses with very little material to support a high volume of diverse content.
As a member of a PPC management company that specializes in e-commerce SEO, we often have to deal with big data. This is why I love using Excel for SEO, as it's a great tool that helps me streamline my work processes, and work more efficiently.Very recently, we started working on a large e-commerce PPC campaign for a store with just under 10,000 products (active). Needless to say, this has been a fun project to work on, especially with a budget that exceeds $200,000 per month.
If you crave Google’s attention — and have done your homework — you know the search giant loves an established author.Google appreciates a considerably decent Author Rank. In fact, Matt Cutts recently tweeted and also confirmed at the Search Marketing Expo that Google is considering how good of an author you are. However, in competing with other people who are trying to woo Google, this concept has not received its due attention.
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