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7 Best Practices for Top Ranking


6 min read

HTTP to HTTPS: 7 Best Practices for Top Ranking

Google has a global goal to secure the web. While a noble goal, it requires website owners to become more tech-savvy and invest more in securing their websites. Secure search means Google will give more ranking authority to content and ecommerce websites that have an SSL/TLS certificate.
Amel MehenaouiDec 03, 2014
Perform a Quick SEO Audit with Semrush


7 min read

How To Perform a Quick SEO Audit with Semrush

Semrush offers a wide range of functions for analyzing webpages and their performance in search engines. In this article, I am going to explain how you can perform an SEO audit with Semrush tools and identify opportunities for optimization, as well as how you can determine how your competitors are doing. For this analysis, we’ve chosen to look at the Spanish version of Samsung.
M.J. CachonDec 01, 2014
Find Cheap Keywords


2 min read

How To Find Cheap Keywords for Your AdWords Campaigns

Pay per click marketing campaigns include not only landing pages, ad copy, offers and designs, but also CPC and bidding strategies. Before you assume PPC ads will bring you a fast ROI and monitor their effectiveness in your AdWords account, you should make sure they won‘t eat up your ad budget too quickly.
Elena DryaminaOct 07, 2014
5 Ways To Use Semrush for Your Business
10 Don'ts for Google AdWords


4 min read

10 Don'ts for Google AdWords

Last month, we shared “10 Dos for Google AdWords“ on the blog. That list wouldn‘t be complete without a list of “don‘ts“ to match! See the list after the jump. Let us know if you agree or disagree in the comments.
5 Advantages to Yandex over Google in Russia


4 min read

5 Advantages to Yandex over Google in Russia

Before Larry Page and Sergey Brin ever founded Google, Ilya Segalovich and Arkady Volozh had already created Yandex, currently Russia’s largest search engine. Learn about Yandex‘s reach, and its advantages over Google.
Eli SchwartzAug 06, 2014
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Digital Marketing Trends 2022


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Not Just Another Digital Marketing Trends 2022 Post

It’s the end of 2021, and yes, it’s that time of the year — when you prepare for the winter holidays, drown yourself on Amazon in search of the perfect gift, and expect a deluge of “Digital Marketing Trends for 2022” posts. Well, if you think you’re opening up another “voice search is the next search” write-up, you’re in the wrong.
Andrew WardenDec 21, 2021
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