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We've all been there. You click on a link and wait expectantly for a website to load.You begin impatiently tapping your fingers on the desktop, and then you simply click back to your initial search results. Put it down to short attention spans, but when people click on a search result, they expect instant gratification.The longer a site takes to load, the more likely it is for someone to hit the back button and choose another link from the search results.
After all that‘s been written about guest blogging, it’s time to get back to some link building basics. Sometimes, it’s good to just stick with what works, instead of seeking out the latest “SEO secret.”Here are 7 fundamental link building strategies that are still effective in 2014.
Inadequate customer traffic and lack of sales conversions are the key issues that trouble most e-commerce websites.In spite of increasing global competition, it is very much possible for e-commerce websites to overcome these issues. All you have to do is formulate and deploy the right marketing strategy. This will help you to pull more customers, and also ensure that these customers stay with you until they make a buying decision.
As an SEO tools junkie, I must confess that I’m addicted to SEMrush. No, I’m not being paid to write this, nor am I under duress. I’m nothing more than a super satisfied user and brand ambassador. I spend a lot of time searching for great tools to add to our arsenal, and SEMrush is one of my personal favorites.At Gryffin Media, SEMrush is our go-to tool for many of our internal processes. From SEO reports to social media audits and more, SEMrush is a fundamental part of our work flow.
Last week I delivered a speech at a large, local technology event. I was one of five speakers to address the crowd during the lightning talk session.What is a lightning talk? Generally speaking, it‘s a micro presentation or pitch of some sort to your audience.Organizers can choose different metrics, from time length to topic. The event I participated in was part of a week-long gathering for those in the tech and new media community.
The following Excel trick is best used when you have data located inside of your URLs. This happens a lot when you have an e-commerce website that generates dynamic confirmation URLs after a purchase is made.In one particular case, one of our clients reached out to us hoping to find a PPC management company.
It's common for companies to spend thousands on pay-per-click advertising and SEO every month. Online marketing strategies are dynamic, costly and often the most effective way to connect with a target audience. However, many companies find it easy to forget about the most important factor in almost any internet marketing campaign: their landing pages.
Google and the Webspam team are on a frenzy to bash any kind of scalable link building tactics that emerged post-Penguin 2.0.Guest posting has been hit, and MyBlogGuest was publicly penalized. Tons of link networks have been deindexed, and the link building circles are in danger once again.One thing that many folks using “scalable” link tactics don’t realize is that this war is a war they cannot win in the long run. There are certainly plenty of tactics working today.
On April Fools‘ Day, we wanted to put a smile on your face. So, we compiled a SlideShare presentation of some inspirational quotes about life and wisdom, with an SEO twist.Have fun! Witty SEO Quotes from SEMrush
As an SEO, you probably grew up in the industry learning about anchor text and its benefits. For those of you who don’t know what anchor text is, to put it simply, anchor text is words (often keywords) that are hyperlinked.And it used to be that if you used anchor text all over a page, in a blog comment, in forums, what have you – all of these links pointing back to your site were golden. They let spiders know what your pages were about.Fast forward from 2007 to 2014.
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