Brian Spero is a contributing team member of Money Crashers, where he helps run online marketing campaigns and writes about business, technology, and finance.With billions of consumers shopping and spending money online every day, there's no wonder businesses small and large are jostling to jump-start an effective online marketing campaign.
CTR stands for Click-Through-Rate. This is the percentage rate at which people click on a particular ad when online. Achieving a high page CTR is essential for achieving PPC success, because it directly affects both the quality score as well as how much a business pays every time someone clicks on their search advert. Are your click-through rates holding you back, or are they high enough? These are some of the questions that bother almost every webmaster.What Can Impact a Page CTR.
If you and your website are relatively new to SEO practices and you don’t know which keywords will draw higher conversion rates, you should probably use Google AdWords campaign as the best option in optimizing an organic search.Establish Goals:Whether they be cost-per-click, sales, onsite time, or whatever, goals in an online marketing campaign are important.
If you aren’t familiar with Google’s Adwords Preview tool, then slide over and check it out. AdWords is a really good advertising tool and one could say that it is an internet marketer’s dream since it helps you keep track of your search campaign in the SERP results. For obvious reasons, you would want to view the ads that are run for you on Google. If you have purchased a Premium campaign, your Google Ads will show almost all the time on Google Search.
Harnessing the “Power of the Written Word”!The idea of writing content for effective business promotion is not a new one. In fact, it’s been around since the 60’s. The only difference is that the typewriter has been replaced by the keyboard. Nonetheless, website content writing for a campaign can be genuinely informative while being a worthwhile read, which could do wonders for promoting a product or service online.
How to Connect with Customers!It is true that many content marketers and SEO’s get a bit anxious and even freak out a bit when planning a content marketing strategy, and rightly so. They do this because, they more than anyone else, know all too well that in online content marketing, just when you think you have ‘nailed it’, the rules of the game change, leaving you to consider other tactics and strategies.What is Content Marketing.
Raise Your Rank!You knew this would be coming, didn't you? Think about the time and money you’ve spent to bring people to your website. What will they see when they get there? You've convinced them that your site is worth visiting, so they are expecting to find the information they were seeking. Will it be easy to find? And is it there at all? What I’m trying to say is that your website has to be ready for your visitors.
What Makes Your Website Look Good and Rank Well?SEO and SEM are the newest methods used by businesses of all sizes to reach their customers. In this sense, the Google market has become a science in itself, which is why understanding simple terms like SEO and SEM means a lot, especially if you’re looking to make a career in online marketing. So let’s just dive into it, shall we.
Sticky SEO Practices!The internet business scene is changing fast, which means that the only way you can stay ahead of the curve these days is by keeping in touch with new SEO tricks and the latest industry news on SEO research.
Laying the Smackdown on Onsite and Offsite SEO!Who likes crappy website ranking? Most people think that search engine optimization is just doing a bit of research, getting the right keywords and bam … traffic jam! But it isn’t that easy, and studying a few SEO case studies will prove my point, so this is just going to be a tip-of-the-iceberg take on the right SEO strategies that will hopefully shed some light on how newbie SEOs can make their websites more attractive to SERPS.

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