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What does your brand stand for? That’s the story you tell every day with your social media posts and your consumer interactions. If you’re doing it right, then those who visit your brand’s social media properties will come away with a clear understanding of what your company values, what it does, and how it benefits the end user.If, on the other hand, your social messaging is muddled or inconsistent — well, there’s no telling what consumers will think about your company.
A few weeks ago, fellow contributor Paul Bliss wrote an article about why black hat SEO is awesome. It got me thinking that there is no winning in our current state.Search engines dole out punishment indiscriminately either on a massive scale with massive algorithm changes (Panda, Hummingbird) or on an individual site basis with trial in absentia (Penguin). The search engines do not want any SEO beyond what they themselves develop. So, anything we do as a community is bad.
It can be really easy to get sucked into only focusing on a few main keywords in your SEO efforts. However, if you slip into this habit you will lose out on a great deal of opportunity. The reality is there are hundreds of other long tail keywords related to your business that people are searching for.Smart marketers will not only focus on the main keywords, but also identify opportunity for rankings in less-competitive long tail keywords that can add up to big gains.
Once I watched one video with Heather Lutze, speaker, CEO and expert SEO trainer, I couldn’t stop. She is inspiring, funny and smart.Also, it’s not very often you hear the words “pain” and “love” when somebody is talking about the Google SERPs. But for business, these words mean a lot since everyone knows the disappointment from mistakes and the joys of success.Today, Heather Lutze shares this “pain” and “love” with us, and her vision of a super hero.  
Today, Google announced the expansion of its Product Listing Ads program. Shopping Campaigns is now available for all online merchants.Shopping Campaigns has been in beta since October, and is a new way to structure Product Listing Ads in the AdWords login. 
Guest blogging is getting all-time highs of exposure these days, thanks to an epic outburst by Señor Cutts and his warning to the SEO masses: “if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop.”Yes, there are plenty of alternative ways to get great links in 2014, but don’t write off "guest blogging" as dead.Leave that phrase for the tabloids. The message was to scare off the scaled up, low-quality guest blogging practices.
I was Googling for presents for Valentine’s Day last week. As I searched, I thought about how hard it must be for retailers to fight for positions in the SERPs for certain holidays.So, I spent a romantic Friday evening trying to find the ”winners” of the Valentine’s Day race, and understand how they did it. (I hope you had more interesting things to do, by the way :)) I think this post will be interesting for those who didn’t have a chance to use SEMrush for competitors’ research.
Join us for four SEMrush webinars this week!We have two introductory and two advanced webcasts this week.
Most Web businesses depend on Google Analytics or some other form of tracking. If you have a Web business and you aren’t tracking conversion and engagement, and understanding your demographic among other things, you should be! Analytics is a great, free way to do all of it.But now, Google is asking whether you want to upgrade your Analytics tracking for one or all of your properties to Universal Analytics. Should you? What new information will you receive, and is it really worth the effort?