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As an SEO tools junkie, I must confess that I’m addicted to SEMrush. No, I’m not being paid to write this, nor am I under duress. I’m nothing more than a super satisfied user and brand ambassador. I spend a lot of time searching for great tools to add to our arsenal, and SEMrush is one of my personal favorites.At Gryffin Media, SEMrush is our go-to tool for many of our internal processes. From SEO reports to social media audits and more, SEMrush is a fundamental part of our work flow.
As a partner of No Risk SEO Inc., we commonly receive requests from business owners about how they want to dominate Page 1 for some extremely competitive keywords on a national scale. Yet, they have budgeted less than $1,000.00 per month for this goal.These are the types of clients we must turn down and/or reset their expectations; if they’re willing to listen.
Last week I delivered a speech at a large, local technology event. I was one of five speakers to address the crowd during the lightning talk session.What is a lightning talk? Generally speaking, it's a micro presentation or pitch of some sort to your audience.Organizers can choose different metrics, from time length to topic. The event I participated in was part of a week-long gathering for those in the tech and new media community.
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One of my friends from high school owns a beauty salon back in my hometown, Pittsburgh, Penn. She knows what I do for a living, and approached me to help her rank better in search. She also wanted more clients walking in her front door.OK, no problem, right? I knew that as a small business, she didn’t want a recurring monthly charge for professional SEO. But I still wanted to help her.What do to? What to do?Have you ever heard the term “Barnacle SEO”.
Google manual penalties have been a hot topic for more than a year now. The fear of receiving the dreaded notification of a manual penalty in your Google Webmaster Tools account can be distressing for some.This blog is to put your fear to rest by guiding you on the actions to take from preventing your website or business from being hit with a Google penalty. 
This guest post is courtesy of John McMalcolm, a freelance writer with a focus on small business. Shopping online in 2014 is the most convenient way to make purchases, but it exposes consumers to the risk of fraud and identity theft. As such, a large number of people are still hesitant about buying things online.
The following Excel trick is best used when you have data located inside of your URLs. This happens a lot when you have an e-commerce website that generates dynamic confirmation URLs after a purchase is made.In one particular case, one of our clients reached out to us hoping to find a PPC management company.
Several weeks ago Yelp redesigned their interface, and it’s gotten people talking. Yelp has always been one of the major tools when it comes to local search, but things have changed since it first started in 2004.Small businesses won’t see any changes that are too detrimental or absolutely necessary, but they will see new opportunities to become more successful. It’s always a good idea to go back and re-check your presence on any network to make sure you’re taking full advantage.
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