Is your business international? Do you want to make it easy for customers in Germany to be as comfortable when they arrive at your site as customers in the U.S.?If so, you need to understand multi-lingual markup for both SEO and client experience. Why? Because A) You don’t want search engines to think you have dupe content on your own site, and B) you want customers to understand your site, whether they come from the U.S. or Spain.
SEMrush's Director of Marketing, Michael Stricker, recently sat down with to offer up his list of the Top 10 Technical SEO Issues affecting sites today. In an earlier blog post, Mike detailed his first five selections. Below, he makes his next five choices, providing his suggested fixes for each.
SEMrush's Director of Marketing, Michael Stricker, recently sat down with to offer up his list of the Top 10 Technical SEO Issues affecting sites today. Below, he expands on his first five selections, offering the rationale behind his decision-making and his suggestions on how best to fix them.
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Creating a blog for your business can be a challenge. But if you follow the steps below, you can use keyword research to drive your content creation strategy and help take the guesswork out of editorial decisions.  
When you're just starting out in business, you have a lot of questions. What are some practical business skills you should learn? What character traits do you need to develop on the road to success? SEMrush spoke with youthful entrepreneur Chirag Kulkarni to see what tools he uses, what skills he draws upon daily and any other recommendations he has for someone looking to mimic his success.18-year-old Chirag Kulkarni is a speaker and startup advisor.
Micro content appears to be having a moment. Twitter led the way back in 2006, its 140 character tweets taking the world by storm. Hot on its micro blogging heels were the likes of Vine and Snapchat, and before we knew it "short" was the new black.So what about Google and its army of monochrome, four-legged algorithm updates? For those SEO marketers religiously adhering to the latest updates, it may seem as though this new content fad goes against everything Penguin and Panda have taught us.
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"Nobody Knows Anything" — Screenwriter William Goldman wrote this about studio executives in his excellent memoir "Adventures in The Screen Trade." I oftentimes feel it applies to us here in the Web Trade.Daily, we are bombarded with advice, prediction, calls to action, dire warnings and prognostication. And that's just Search Engine Roundtable.
SEO can be unpredictable, and Google can be treacherous. has felt it, a website specializing in home security and home automation, dramatically fell in the rankings this past January.