In the world of content marketing, there are old and new tactics that are being used to get a product in front of a target audience. One of the old content promotion tactics that is still effective today is product reviews.Product reviews are designed to help users learn about the advantages and disadvantages of a product, its features and how it should be used for a certain thing.
When you hear the words “keyword research” your brain automatically thinks about SEO and link building. After all, keyword research is only used for identifying relevant keywords that will drive traffic to your website, right? Wrong.Historically, this is exactly why keyword research was developed. But it can now be used for so much more than that. In an ever-developing world of content marketing, keyword research can come in very useful.
Directories have been given a bad name for a quite a few years now. And the recent Matt Cutts announcement about link building risks, as well as the constant news of directories being shut down by Google, hasn’t helped.All of the buzz surrounding directories lately has surely scared off quite a few companies from ever using a directory again. Unfortunately, this mentality is causing many to miss out on all of the great opportunities that directories can still offer.
Like many SEOs, I spend a lot of time analyzing traffic data in Google Analytics. I also rely heavily on Excel, which goes hand-in-hand with Analytics.Excel is a tool that is invaluable to SEOs, and I personally could not go a day without using it. Over the years I have come up with many ways to use functions or formulas to increase my keyword research efficiency; I have also relied heavily on other SEOs that share their insights and tips on Excel forums and SEO forums.
As one of the most popular SEO events - BrightonSEO - approaches, we spoke with Kelvin Newman. He is the Founder of BrightonSEO, and we got to ask him a few questions.We talked to Kelvin about his expectations for the upcoming event, and the reasons behind its success.  
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It’s common to be skeptical of an SEO directory because there are so many spam domains and articles surrounding this booming industry. Optimizing your website for search is becoming a necessity as Google continues to grow and update their algorithms (just this year, we had 14 algorithm updates), so there is no time to read poor quality information. In fact, one wrong move when it comes to your SEO efforts could dig you into a hole that could set you back years.
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A UTM tracking code is a unique URL that redirects to your website or target landing page. It helps you identify which specific ads or links get clicked on or convert the most.Without UTM tracking, your analytics will only track which website your clicks and conversions are coming from. But that's not enough. Most marketers have multiple ads on one website, whether they're in different places or just rotating.
You don't need to be a gangsta to know that the reason why Black Hat SEO exists is because it works. Google can't keep up with the pace of automated tools that inject their way into the SERPs and enjoy the rush of traffic before their site gets vaporized by a penalty.And you should be doing this, too.What? How about when Matt Cutts sees "what I did," you say.