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Knowledge, experience and passion for work: qualities that make a good specialist an excellent specialist. We decided to talk with our partners, friends and contributors about their path to Guru-dom.Today, we’re proud to publish this interview with Kristopher Jones, experienced SEO specialist and best-selling author. Kristopher shared his road to success, and views on the future of SEO, social signals and mobile applications.We hope you find this as inspiring and informative as we did! 
Today’s post is courtesy of George Riggs, online marketer and entrepreneur.If you're an entrepreneur, digital marketing should be one of the first things you get your head around. It's a broad category, but it essentially covers any content related to your business that you write or create online. This could include your logo or tagline, blog posts on your website, and social media activity.What you write and how you write it says a lot about your company.
Keyword research can be done in many ways and with many different tools. Today I am writing about the tool I happen to love using, which is SEMrush.For web agencies that offer search engine marketing services, it is a tool that can provide tremendous value to both clients and staff. Over the years, I have relied heavily on SEMrush when developing a new search marketing campaign. It can be used to set up a new paid search engine marketing campaign or even an organic SEM campaign.
Hello, and Happy December!Please join us for the following webinars this week.
If you are the in-house marketing manager on the receiving end of a conversation with your company’s hired search marketing agency, you have probably been told you need to invest in the almighty, ambiguous “content.”Even more so, you have most likely been told that in order to successfully connect with consumers, you need to create and publish content that offers “how-to” advice or “top 10” lists.
Are you familiar with the latest manual action? Our content team came across this article on image mismatch at Search Engine Roundtable earlier in the month.Barry Schwartz wrote, “This manual action is when your images on your site don't match what Google is indexing and displaying in their search results.” Web CEO further explained, image mismatch is what “happens when you are serving Google one image and the user another image ... ‘cloaking.
From the US to Australia!Mike van der Heijden, SEO Director for search agency Atomic Search talks about Hummingbird. Get ready to know more about the new algorithm. Spoiler alert: be prepared to work hard on changes!    
As we all know, content is back on top again. The crown of the King/Queen never really went away; we just forgot how important producing killer content was to get people motivated. Instead, we focused on stuff like backlinking, blog or link wheels, and other SEO tactics that once worked but are now the kiss of death.But what constitutes good content? And how can content do damage to your business.
Growing up, I never thought I would find a career I’d fall in love with. In college I had friends who were passionate about practicing medicine, law, accounting, music — but not me. I figured I was destined to punch a clock, collect a check and complain about my job. Fortunately, I got lucky and ended up finding my stride in search marketing.From day one, I was infatuated with my search marketing career. I’d never loved doing something as much as SEO. “Why?” you may ask.
Hummingbird can cause some troubles for SEO specialists, but what about users?We asked one of the most "advanced" users, Brad Geddes, founder of Certified Knowledge, to share his thoughts on Hummingbird.Brad is the author of Advanced Google AdWords, the most advanced book ever written about Google's advertising program, and one of the first Google Advertising Professionals and Microsoft adExcellence members. He has written exclusively about internet marketing for more than a decade.