If you’re in a business meeting, or conferring with a brand new client, and a hand juts out for you to shake it, what do you do? You shake the thing, of course — a failure to do so would be the height of bad manners, and in the business world, manners matter very much.That’s not only true in offline situations and face-to-face meetings, but on social media sites, as well. Here, proper etiquette is not just some frivolous, symbolic code of conduct.
Marco Maltraversi went from computer engineering to SEO expert. Today, the Web Consultant and SEO Specialist at Ingegneri del Web talks about his technical approach, multilingual projects and why SEO is an art.How did you become interested in SEO?SEO is often considered the most technical section of web marketing since it provides valuable support in the promotion of sites and requires a specific knowledge of web development tools. For me, it’s not a science, more of an art.
I am tempted to think that the arrival of Ray Kurzweil and his singular focus on the Singularity is what brought out the “sensitive New Age geek” in Google. However, the touchy feely user experienced-focused Search Borg came on the scene long before Ray took the position of Director of Engineering at Google with a project to teach computers to write poetry. If nothing else, we will have something to look forward to at poetry slams.
Paid search advertising, more commonly known as Pay Per Click, or PPC, is a key component to generate immediate leads for growing your business. This also represents the "digital handshake" between a business and a buyer who are seeking a product or service using keywords to find them in Google or other search engines.
Today we are excited to post this interview with Shayne Tilley, professional problem-solver and online marketing expert, about building a media brand and developing a passion for work.Shayne has worked with many high profile brands including MYOB, SitePoint, AVG, ProBlogger, 99designs and Flippa. Shayne is also the author of “The Bloggers Guide To Marketing” and “Online Marketing Inside Out.”Shayne, how did you become an authoritative author and speaker.
As many of you know, SEMrush features video tutorials on our website and SEOQuakeTeam YouTube page. After receiving some feedback, we discovered users would also like a text script and screenshots to accompany these videos. So, here you go!Here is the first in the series: Domain vs. Domain Report.
Here are the SEMrush webinars for the week of December 16.
Anyone who has spent any time dealing with Search Engine Optimization will come across an article touting the death of SEO. In fact, if you Google the phrase “SEO is dead,” you’ll come up with more than 53 million results. What’s even more startling is what happens when you search for the phrase, “Email is dead.” A Google search turns up 1.4 billion results!And we all know that if you read it on the Internet, it has to be true, right?Not exactly.
Today our SEMrush Pro Talk guest is Phil Byrne, internet marketing specialist and blogger. Phil has been an internet marketing specialist for more than 15 years, and is the author of "Head In The Clouds: The Location Independent Office" and "SEO For Content Writers & PR Pros."We asked Phil for his thoughts on content strategy, customer service and five components of good text.Phil, tell us, how did you get started? What helped you become an expert.
You know how the old saying goes: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink." The same holds true for your marketing campaigns.You can spend months creating the perfect campaign to reach your target audience, but what happens once potential clients call your company or business? Is your team getting the information you need from callers to track the success of your current campaign and optimize future campaigns.