Social Signals: the topic that’s got content writers the world over reaching for their “How-To” guides, as the goal posts appear to be moving again in the ever-changing Google game.If you don’t yet know it, a social signal is a link that joins a person's social networking profile to your website. For example, you may decide to hit ‘Like’ or ‘share’ in this very article — you have given my good friends at SEMrush a social signal.
For years digital marketing was easy: Build a ton of links, send out targeted emails and get involved in some industry forums. The problem is that over the last few years what we as marketers think of as digital marketing has started to rapidly change. And we are just at the tip of the iceberg.In this blog we will take a look at how digital marketing has changed, and how you need to adapt your marketing strategy to ensure success.
Search Engine Optimization as we know it today began in the mid-90s when a number of search engines began indexing web content in an effort to make it easier for people to find things quickly and easily. Back then, the dominant player was America Online (AOL) who controlled a lot of the content and distribution.AOL provided millions of people with their internet browser and controlled a lot of the SEO by having a search box called “AOL Keyword.” Anyone remember that.
A few weeks ago, Eric Enge wrote this great article over at Search Engine Watch about ranking (which both he and I feel is not a good SEO metric), and how hard it is to really understand the “ranking gap” between site #4 and site #5. He explains why moving up in the SERPs, especially up a spot or two on page one, can be much harder and take far more time than a site owner may have realized.
Hello, and Happy Friday from SEMrush! Here is an update — and a little SEO humor — to prepare you for the weekendFirst, our own Sean Malseed was published on Savvy Panda this week. In the article, “Behavorial Retargeting: A Love Story,“ he writes about the importance of crafting a good remarketing campaign. He uses “Bob the SEMrush user“ in his example to illustrate how to be caring, not creepy.
Keyword research is fundamental to any SEO or SEM campaign. But how do you go about selecting keywords?Keyword selection is all about trying to find the words and phrases your potential customers are using as search queries, then leveraging those words organically or targeting them in pay-per-click campaigns. Keywords can be defined by two categories: broad and narrow. These are sometimes referred to as short-tail and long-tail, respectively.
The OMCap & SES Berlin conference this fall is quickly approaching! Have you picked up your ticket?Well, if not, SEMrush is giving away one FREE pass to the event being held this October! On October 9 and 10, hundreds of internet marketing professionals will come together in two of Berlin's most modern conference halls to listen to presentations on how to further develop their own campaigns.Read on to learn how to enter!
Anyone reading this article understands that on the Internet, things change. Sometimes they change slowly, like search engines incorporating social media influence as part of their algorithm. But sometimes, as with the Panda and Penguin updates at Google, what worked last night may not work today.Here are five brand tactics that are important to SEO in 2013.
Has your website received a manual action in Google? Have you tried to submit a reconsideration request and failed?In this infographic created as a collaboration between Marcela De Vivo and Brian Dean, the process of going through the reconsideration process is outlined so you can understand how to get the manual action lifted with a successful reconsideration request.
With his upcoming speaking gigs this Fall, SEMrush’s Sean Malseed has been busy writing some related articles in preparation for the events. He offers some great tips and tricks on how to make your PPC/SEO campaigns better, easier, and more successful – all by utilizing the help of SEMrush!Check out the following articles that have been published on various blogs this past month for valuable information on using SEMrush for your benefit.