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 Sometimes, people visit your website and then leave without giving you a chance to convert them into customers. Over 90% of such visitors don’t revisit your website ever. Therefore, if you lose the sale, it’s gone for good. However, there is a method for online businesses to ensure they don’t lose out on any prospective customers even if they don’t intend to visit the website again.
With the prevalence of internet usage for finding information, one can take search engines for granted. ‘Google it’ has become a modern catchphrase for entering a search query in the world’s leading search engine. The history of search engines is short yet somehow it seems they have been around forever. Hence, it would be a good idea for marketers and any internet user in general to known a bit of search engine history.
Many online businesses suffer because their visitors often leave the website before making a purchase. Once they are gone, the chances of them returning are unlikely. For each potential customer lost, the online business loses a chunk of revenue which would have boosted their profits. There is a way in which you can ensure that such lost customers are directed back to your website and you get a second chance to close the sale. It is known as retargeting Google AdWords.
Keywords selection is an essential part of SEO strategy. Correctly selected keywords largely determine the success of the whole Internet marketing campaign. So how to know whether keywords are right or wrong? Or which of them are better than others? The answer is simple: they require thorough analysis and evaluation with the help of a keyword suggestion tool.There are a number of programs nowadays that allow doing keyword analysis.
It is extremely important to track your competitor’s promotional activities. While offline, you have less control over monitoring of all those media channels like TV channels, radio stations, big boards etc.? Fortunately with online marketing media, it is much easier to do. One of the most important online channels for attraction of relevant customers is organic searching, or in other words, the search results of any search engine.
Looking for the right keywordsAssuming you have decided to establish an effective online presence and are looking to get your business on the Web, you will definitely need to create an effective SEO strategy. When it comes to SEO or pay per click advertising one may certainly say that it almost fully depends on the right keywords whether or not you will succeed. So what are the right keywords and how can you find them.
Google steals away all the limelight when it comes to driving traffic to websites using ads. Microsoft has an equally competent tool you can use for discovering the best keywords for your PPC and SEO campaigns. The MSN AdCenter tool is ideal for finding out the most popular keywords you should incorporate into your marketing campaigns. This provides you an alternative to AdWords and the chance to make the most of MSN keyword advertising.
If you’re a savvy marketer, you’re probably testing your web pages. You need to know when visitors click on your page links, that you’re getting optins, making sales, or whatever else your page is intended to do, and you should want to see those elements improve over time. If you’re new to marketing online or if you’re a lazy marketer, you’re probably doing no testing at all.Shame on you!This is a HUGE mistake.
Clickthrough rate (CTR) is a term commonly used by marketers and suggested as a tool for measuring the success of a campaign. But what is CTR exactly? The name itself is quite self-explanatory but most people aren’t familiar with the right click through rate definition. This is why it is important to define click through before going over its importance for SEO and PPC.
Marketers realize the importance of having a higher conversion rate. The success of your campaign hinges on the number of visitors you are able to convert. This is why making use of the tools available for improving conversion rates is crucial. The Google Website Optimizer is one tool you can use to enhance the conversion rate of your website. The Google web optimizer tests your website and determines whether or not it is geared towards converting visitors.