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We are super excited to share with you the top 12 SEMrush blog articles for 2017, but first, we want to thank our community. You have been so amazing and have made this a fantastic year for our blog. Your comments, social shares, and your outstanding and helpful articles have been a blessing to us and those in our industry that want to learn.
Machine learning is the talk of town and it will impact us all. So, learn what it is, how to keep up, and what areas you need to improve to have a shot at staying in front of your current and potential customers.
Are you a keyword expert? Can you guess which keywords are more popular? Which do you think is searched for more, XBOX or PS4? Test your keyword expertise in our new Keyword Kombat Game: Winter Holidays Edition!
The crux of contextual content is to deliver content based on the specific needs of consumers at the precise moment they need it, but it can be done. See some example of how others have done it and get some insights on how you can deliver contextual content to your potential and current customers.
A hashtag can be used to market new campaigns and products, run contests and competitions, request fans to provide input regarding a new company development or to link a brand to a famous news story or item. Learn how to run hashtag campaigns and market your brand on social media in no time.
It is clear that businesses need to actively create a community with social media engagement in order to build solid relationships with customers and expand their reach. That much we know without a doubt, but how exactly do you measure the ROI of your social media marketing? What must be done to give you data and proof of a positive ROI? Find out in this article.
To figure out the effectiveness of your efforts, you need to regularly measure and analyze your content performance. However, that is not always easy to understand what kind of data you should take into account to assess and improve your Content Marketing strategy. In this article, you‘ll find 23 essential content metrics and learn how you can interpret, analyze and measure it.
We have studied the most vital AdWords updates of 2017 and those that will go live in 2018 and made a list of tweaks for you to implement in your PPC campaigns. Make sure you add them to your to-do list for Q1 of the new year to stay ahead of the game.
SEMrush has a wide range of solutions for competitive research, paid advertising, social media marketing, and content creation too. So in order to emphasize this variety and help you pave the shortest path to your goals, we’ve made some changes to our site navigation. We’ve organized it into several sections that represent different aspects of digital marketing.
Before you get dragged into the Christmas craze, let us review our hottest releases and remind you what good they can do for you and your website.