62% of content marketers consider video very effective for audience engagement and lead generation. But how exactly are marketers using video to their advantage, and how can you do the same? Here are a few practical examples to help you get started.
As a content marketer, engagement is money; the more traffic, pageviews and engagement you can get, the more money you can make. Here‘s 7 beginner tips to improve your content marketing.
This checklist offers a straightforward process that anyone can use to start building master lists of target keywords in any market or niche. Use this approach on SEMrush to find valuable keywords for your SEO and PPC campaigns.
To improve your keyword research strategy in the upcoming year, check out the following recap of our SEMrush Chat. Our chat guests discussed how to master various keyword research challenges in 2017.
Build and optimize your internal linking with this methodology where I explain mindmapping, categorization, pagerank, etc ! Internal linking in SEO is one of the most popular on-site criteria, one of the most interesting and one of the most important ones. Effectively, we have the opportunity to improve the direction of the web project, habits and the ranking of the website in search engines.

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Kantipath News
Yes, we are using VPS hosting while we face problem with sharing hosting. speed is uptime is better. But if we talk only speed, we can say "Only" VPS hosting can't improve your page speed. There are various factor which reduce your page lod speed. Your html coding, local ISP speed,uncompressed img file etc...etc can affect your page speed. Am I right?
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Asim Mughal
Prasanta, there are a lot of materials available on internet for off-page techniques but don’t worry I have done this research for you. :) Here is the best post related to off-page techniques written by Brian Dean: http://backlinko.com/17-untapped-backlink-sources Hope you will like it.
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Bonnie Burns
Doing SEO never gets boring. From new updates, new processes, new techniques. Things that worked, no longer work, may work in the future. I've been doing SEO for 16 years and it has yet to make me yawn. I am proud of my career :-)
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While the last quarter of the year draws to a close, companies scour their marketing efforts. Website marketing and SEO are some of the important factors top companies around the world are seeking to improve. Here is a list of the top five SEO predictions I have for 2017.
Choosing the most suitable PPC agency may not be an easy affair. You need a professional agency to manage your PPC campaign. You have many choices available to you. Before you begin your research, you must be able to answer the following questions to find the best professional for your needs.
SEMrush is an amazing tool that can offer you numerous ways to help improve the impact on your blogging success. Let’s start by diving right into SEMrush and exploring the best uses for maximizing your blog!
It is surprising how often I hear about international SEO discussed without any mention of “hreflang.” If anything, because hreflang is such a tricky subject, it should be discussed more often in conjunction with helping SEO specialists understand how to target international web audiences more accurately. Not only is it difficult to implement correctly on your geo-targeted sites, but the purpose of hreflang is also commonly misunderstood.
The average abandonment rate is 68% due to increased competition between e-commerce outlets. Brands should have a very serious approach when dealing with it. We‘ll discuss the key reasons behind surging rate of cart abandonment and how to lower that rate in 2017.

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