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This December, we launched a fresh SEMrush initiative: Online SEMrush Meetup (OSM). Our pilot OSM’16 was dedicated to discussions around Content Marketing. We want to share a brief recap of OSM’16 to outline some key takeaways from our guests’ presentations!
Social media marketing companies are using aerial drone photography for marketing unusual industries such as real estate and luxury brands. In the future, use of professional commercial drone photography and videography is inevitable in the marketing industry, especially on social media.
We turned to SEMrush’s Phrase Match Report to generate a list of the most popular search phrases that include a given word or phrase. When we queried “Christmas gifts for,“ we got a better idea of who has been naughty or nice this year.
I‘m constantly learning and adapting to ensure I provide the best service for my client‘s needs. But you would be amazed at the issues that clients come to me with as some seemed relatively easy to solve (once I find the problem!) When I was analyzing a recent client‘s CTR, I spotted an issue that required a much-needed SEO tool. However, it seemed that such a tool does not exist and it is apparently impossible to build.
To figure out why omni-channel marketing is critical to your success and how to effectively implement this technique, we invited Rebekah Radice to our SEMrush Chat. Rebekah is the Chief Marketing Officer of Post Planner, an award-winning content marketer, a keynote speaker, and a social media and digital marketing writer.

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Bonnie Burns
Doing SEO never gets boring. From new updates, new processes, new techniques. Things that worked, no longer work, may work in the future. I've been doing SEO for 16 years and it has yet to make me yawn. I am proud of my career :-)
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Steve Hill
It should be obvious to anyone reading this that the effective integration of email marketing and social media is a lot of work. Email marketing isn't dead, but lazy marketing is. Many are quick to declare the death of something, when in reality, consumers just expect better experience and many of the people responsible for delivering it won't put in the work needed to make it happen. This happened a few years ago with link building. Around the beginning of 2011, it wasn't effective to just spam a blog or purchase a link in a directory any longer. You actually had to develop useful content that other websites would deem valuable to link to. This marked a major uptick in the effort required to run a successful link building campaign. Rather increase their effort, many SEOs declared the death of link building instead.
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Mike Wood
Nice post, Emma. I use infogrpahics a lot but also repurpose them into smaller images for blog posts. I also take old content and update it before sharing, which even brings in those who already viewed the page due to it being updated content. Love the advice on appealing to emotion as well.
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What aspects of graphic web design does Google measure? How will future developments to artificial intelligence change SEO? How can you optimize your site for 2017 and improve your SEO with an inspirational website design?
Rich snippets are a sure-fire way of increasing your site‘s SERPs. The one thing — you need to know how to install/implement them on your site. Read on to learn more about “Products“ rich snippets.
Whether you use an app like Snapchat, Periscope, or Meerkat or you get online to try out Facebook Live, the possibilities for your business are endless. Jason Hawkins shares a few reasons why it’s worth incorporating live streaming in your 2017 business and marketing plans.
Top businesses will look at the metrics of the social media activity, and use it for decision making and business planning when moving forward in 2017.  What metrics you use could differ from business to business, but the following pointers list metrics that must be tracked for you to get the best results from your social networking, gaining more exposure and sales.
With webinars playing a key role of the customer journey, what‘s important to understand is that they can actually be the start of the journey, not just a component within it.

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