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How To Do a Basic Local SEO Audit in 30 Minutes or Less


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How To Do a Basic Local SEO Audit in 30 Minutes or Less

A local SEO audit helps tell the story of where a business has been, but more importantly where they can go with an effective plan and strategy. Conducting a comprehensive audit for any local SEO client is a no-brainer. But, sometimes, you just need to take a quick look at the top-level items to see where a business is at with local search.
Darren ShawFeb 19, 2015
Semrush Pro Talk with Dan Petrovic from Dejan SEO


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Semrush Pro Talk with Dan Petrovic from Dejan SEO

This interview was conducted by Semrush blog contributor Hardik Oza.If you have spent some time in the search industry, then you have probably heard the name Dan Petrovic (a.k.a. Dejan SEO). Dan is the managing director of Dejan SEO. He is well-known in the SEO community for his research and experiments.I spoke with Dan recently and asked him five questions.
Hardik OzaFeb 19, 2015
Email Marketing


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Email Marketing: 40% of Our Gmail Users Don’t Have the Promotions Tab On

If you work in email marketing too, you’ll understand me. Google has given me a very tough time since they launched their new version of Gmail with different tabs for social media, updates and — the most-debated among email marketers — the promotions tab. That was back in May 2013, and we all had some level of hope that the new feature wouldn’t be that catchy.
Conrado LamasFeb 13, 2015
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27 Free (and Paid) Local Business Directories

For local businesses of all kinds, maintaining an online presence is key. If your local business listings are mismanaged, and there is different information in different places, it won‘t be very easy for users to find you. Therefore, it’s important to claim your profiles on business directories to keep them up-to-date. In this guide, we‘ll show you some top business directory sites and tell you how Semrush can help.
May 26, 2021
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How to Perform an SEO Audit in 18 Steps

Performing regular SEO audits to find and fix issues that could be holding back your site‘s organic search performance is critical for SEO. In this guide, we walk you through a step-by-step approach to undertake a simple, but effective, SEO audit and identify problems that you will need to prioritize to kickstart growth.
Dec 23, 2020
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Free SEO Tools


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The 51 Best SEO Tools

Learn about our favorite SEO tools, both free and paid. Whether you’re in need of technical solutions, keyword research assistance, or local SEO tools, there’s something that will work for your business.
Kelly LyonsNov 08, 2021
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Using Semrush Audience Insights


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[Survey] Small Business Marketing Challenges and How to Overcome Them

In 2020 the whole world changed. As everyone around the globe was impacted by COVID-19, small businesses everywhere had to face the change head-on. They had to mitigate shutdowns, new safety requirements, and a tough economic market. We conducted a survey-based study to reveal the biggest marketing challenges that small businesses are now facing.
Anna KocheguraNov 11, 2021
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How an Agency Created an Effective Technical Content Brief for a Bakery Client

As a part of our SEO Reality Show series, we keep telling you our story of how one SEO agency is developing a blog for their bakery client from Florida. The agency has already chosen the list of impactful topics and a website content plan. Now it’s time to create content! In this blog post, we’ll show you the example of preparing a technical content brief for the article topic “How to make a Cuban sandwich.
Anna KocheguraOct 27, 2021