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Speed up the monitoring process and make your professional life easier with the Monthly Competitor Analysis template in My Reports. It automatically gathers all the metrics needed for regular competitive research in one place, saving you time and effort each month. Read on to learn about the automated solution that will provide you with data for your marketing decisions.
Keyword Kombat 2020 by SEMrush is here!
What did people search for and care about in 2019? We have data trends on shopping, movies, TV, sports, fashion, music, politics and more - see what people were interested in.
In this special episode of Weekly Wisdom, our contributors will share with you the best tips on what to do in 2020.
Our final SEMrushchat for 2019 was fantastic. Our guest, Stephanie Liu, and our community shared some tactics agencies and businesses can use for live streaming in 2020. In this article, you will find tips on best practices and increasing engagement, and gain ideas on ways to utilize live video. So check them out, and start your marketing campaigns off right in 2020.
We are back with more webinar questions our community needed to be answered. This time, we are focusing on social media questions about audience building, engagement loss on Pinterest, Instagram traffic, hiring a social media marketing company, and non-profit Instagram marketing strategies.
This article discusses 4 types of pop-ups that you should have on your website if you want to pick-up new leads without the risk of being annoying. It also includes multiple examples of great pop-ups you can learn from. This article will cover the most important mistakes you need to avoid when creating pop-ups if you want to preserve a smooth user experience.
New tools like GPT-2 mark a new era in digital content creation with massive implications for organic search and SEO in general. It appears possible for someone to create a highly visited blog in a day without a word of human-written content — so we ran an experiment and created a blog. Find out what happened, how many links we got, and how Google responded.
Christmas is almost here, and yet, Google keeps rolling out changes. We know you are busy working, planning for the holidays, and perhaps shopping a bit, and might not have the time to keep up with all the changes they have made. So, we a pre-Christmas digest to help you catch up on all the changes.
Hi, I am Jason Barnard, and in this week‘s Weekly Wisdom, I will discuss how to get your brand into Google‘s knowledge graph, what the knowledge graph is, what you need to do to get your brand in the knowledge graph, and more. So check out this week‘s video and learn what you need to do get ahead.

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