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Over the last few years, the increasing shift towards digital marketing has led marketers to focus more on growth and results, rather than advertising reach or an over-emphasis on sales. That is why we invited Christoph Trappe to discuss how effective content marketing can jumpstart customer acquisition, user engagement and increase brand loyalty.
This summer was very hot for SEMrush — we celebrated our 10th anniversary, and rolled out some major updates! As we take a breath from the celebration, we want to share our latest achievements with you.
This week we dive into Local SEO with Andrew Shotland, who most of you know by the twitter handle @localseoguide.Along with being a valued member of the SEO community, Andrew helped launch Showtime Networks first website, and with NBC’s Internet division, launched some of the first TV to Web experiences. Since then he has been guiding SEO clients big and small at his company Local SEO Guide.
We at SEMrush constantly monitor Google’s updates, as the search engine rarely stands still. While testing the updates that are most likely to impact advertisers, we have figured out the most important factors that will help increase the efficiency of your Google Ads campaigns in 2018. And we also explored some ways you can benefit from them.
This article offers some of the most common issues and ways to fail at International SEO and explains how you can avoid them. The lack of expertise, in regards to the above elements, is why it is not that uncommon to see international SEO processes with a variety of issues, many of which can cause a sub-optimal user experience, and the failure to obtain the desired results.
On last Wednesday’s #SEMrushchat, 20-year digital marketing veteran Sherry Bonelli discussed how brands can build a reputation with well-researched content, and in the process increase their visibility on search engines. Here is what she (and a whole lot of other smart marketers) had to say on #SEMrushchat:
Earlier SEMrush released the findings of our analysis of the Fintech industry in 2018, focusing on the top 500 fintech websites for seven countries: United Kingdom, Spain, United States, Italy, France, Germany, and Brazil. With the update of our traffic analytics tool, we would like to give our users a sneak peek of the new data we found!
SEMrush reports are not only imperative for communication between your team and other stakeholders, but also for efficiently analyzing your results. Combining SEMrush data with your other marketing data in a single report instead of going from one platform to the next, enables you to see the big picture that much more easily. Thankfully, there are automated tools that can combine the data for you.
This checklist will show you which tools and reports in the SEMrush software you can use to research your keywords, study competitors, plan ad groups, and track rankings during a PPC campaign. Links to each area of the software are in the body of this post.
Every two weeks, we share the top news and updates that Google rolls out for advertisers, marketers and the users of Google tools. From Google Suggest navigational buttons within Google‘s Featured Snippets to the introduction of Optimization Score in Google Ads to the newly introduced features in the new Google Search Console, there are a bunch of updates to look into and talk about.

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