It‘s hard to get comments approved on high PR blogs and websites. These high PR blogs have strict approval mechanism for blog comments, and it is not easy to get visibility with substandard comments. Do visit Elegant Themes and Content Marketing Institute‘s blog comment policy. I would like providing bloggers with some tips to get your comments approved on high PR blogs and websites.
We decided to host a meetup with experts Peter Mead, Sha Menz and Tim Capper to reveal the most detrimental habits that can ruin your SEO efforts. Dive in to watch the video and to read the most remarkable tips!
If you‘re an digital marketing industry expert - put that knowledge to work and make money. Use social media to build a following, and teach classes or built your own membership community. Here‘s a few tactics to promote your new course!
Although content marketing is an incredible strategy for gaining traction, traffic, shares and backlinks, it‘s imperative to keep the track of results to see which strategies bring in the best results. This post explains 9 major metrics you should be tracking for the optimal content marketing performance.
49% of marketers considered that their stagnant success with content marketing was due to a lack of strategy or other strategy issues. How can you create a better content marketing strategy? How can you improve your results from content marketing? In this blog post, we’re going to look at the most important steps in creating a successful content marketing strategy in 2017.
In today‘s world, we often feel we must become “experts“ in a field almost overnight if we are going to keep up with the competition. Digital marketing training is the next explosive topic in education, according to experts. If you‘re a beginner looking to enter the digital marketing world these are some of the top learning resources to help you get started.
For traditional brick-and-mortar establishments looking to stay relevant and get leads from Google. Here are 10 golden strategies to ensure that your business stays on top of the major search engines.
Webpages that have a longer load time tend to have higher bounce rates and a lower average time on a page. So, the question is, how can you speed up your website? To answer this question, we decided to discuss this topic during our weekly SEMrush Chat. This time, we asked Bastian Grimm to be our guest expert.
Use traffic as an indicator of what makes for a great guest posting opportunity. SEMrush allows us to do this at scale for our clients.
Recently we’ve published a step-by-step guide on implementing international SEO on your website. To deliver you more insights on this topic we’ve organized Zoom session with three awesome experts, Jan-Willem Bobbink (Netherlands), Laurent Bourrelly (France) and Jaydip Parikh (India), to discuss trick and challenges of building and international SEO strategy.

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