Have a Shopify website? Did you know that users expect certain things, like fast load times, and if you don‘t meet those expectations, they will leave your site? Here are the 9 ways you can speed up your Shopify store for your mobile and desktop customers to grow conversions and sales.
Some of your best content on Instagram? Is not that bad idea for a brand? Find out why it might be one of your best marketing options and see all multiple strategies you can use to reach the audiences that won‘t just like your content but will also buy from you as well. This is a detailed how-to post for content marketers and businesses. Check it out!
Managing paid search campaigns in seasonal businesses can be stressful, but lucrative. This in-depth guide will detail the learning, planning, and execution steps required to crush your goals despite the unpredictable nature of seasonal businesses. When executed properly, seasonality can present an excellent opportunity for your business to beat your competition and thrive.
Growing your Instagram business account takes weekly grooming. This guide will help your brand optimize, socialize and publicize your brand for Instagram success. Whether it‘s auditing your profile, creating the most eye catching aesthetic, writing a caption, scoping out the competition or finding the perfect hashtags for your audience, check this out for an Instagram marketing pick me up.
Mobile has made a tremendous impact across the globe: 5.1 billion unique people now own a smartphone and the largest technology firms are developing their platforms with a mobile-first future in mind. In this post I‘ll review the financial benefits of desktop traffic relative to mobile traffic and attempt to clarify how a mobile-first approach to Google search will affect you.
To help walk us through the process of making search and social work together, expert and head of social analytics at Adobe Joe Martin joined us to explain how exactly you can set up search-social campaigns for best success. Our chat participants also offered a lot of helpful hints and tricks you can start using today. Check them out!
Google just released a security update and removed a record number of malicious apps Fraudulent apps (700,000) from their Play store. Moreover, Google banned 100,000+ developer accounts, who had attempted to create multiple accounts and add yet more malicious apps. Find out what you need to do to avoid getting your app removed from the Play Store.
Understanding and credibility are the central pillars of Answer Engine Optimisation. They are pretty difficult to pin down, so it is very hard for brands to see where they stand (and evaluate progress). Here I address this issue with metrics for measuring how much Google understands about a brand, and the credibility it attributes to that brand.
User-generated content can be a gold mine for the e-commerce business: a competitive advantage, an element of trustworthiness and an assistant of the SEO specialist. Find out strategies for using reviews & UGC for maximum social impact and an increase in sales.
A lot can happen in two weeks, and Google has been making a lot of changes. Find out about the new algorithm update, how the SERPs have been impacted by instant answers, what Google is doing for women-led companies, see what you should know about AI and machine learning, and review other important Google news and search engine updates.