Georgi Todorov asked 36 experts from 21 European states to tell more about SEO market in their country.
UX mistakes come in all shapes and sizes, and ultimately affect your conversion rate. Learn from these seven common mistakes to avoid a set-back.
Tis the season to recap the year and start making predictions about what’s to come as we prepare to ring in 2017. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most dynamic fields out there, and ranking factors are rarely the same day to day and never mind year to year! If you plan on rethinking your SEO strategy in 2017 (and you should), here are the most important factors to consider moving forward.
Project API allows you to gather raw data from the Site Audit and Position Tracking tools on SEMrush to use any way you please. You can use this API to analyze big data and enhance your own software with easy integration.
We’ve compiled a comprehensive calendar of digital marketing events and conferences across the globe in 2017, covering all areas from technical SEO to e-commerce, to make it easier for you to find out about events that fit your needs the most.

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Kantipath News
Yes, we are using VPS hosting while we face problem with sharing hosting. speed is uptime is better. But if we talk only speed, we can say "Only" VPS hosting can't improve your page speed. There are various factor which reduce your page lod speed. Your html coding, local ISP speed,uncompressed img file etc...etc can affect your page speed. Am I right?
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Bonnie Burns
Doing SEO never gets boring. From new updates, new processes, new techniques. Things that worked, no longer work, may work in the future. I've been doing SEO for 16 years and it has yet to make me yawn. I am proud of my career :-)
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Steve Hill
It should be obvious to anyone reading this that the effective integration of email marketing and social media is a lot of work. Email marketing isn't dead, but lazy marketing is. Many are quick to declare the death of something, when in reality, consumers just expect better experience and many of the people responsible for delivering it won't put in the work needed to make it happen. This happened a few years ago with link building. Around the beginning of 2011, it wasn't effective to just spam a blog or purchase a link in a directory any longer. You actually had to develop useful content that other websites would deem valuable to link to. This marked a major uptick in the effort required to run a successful link building campaign. Rather increase their effort, many SEOs declared the death of link building instead.
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Video marketing has high potential to convert new customers to your business and be a part of a long-term successful brand strategy. Tap into the live video marketing - the latest craze!
Holiday Email Marketing Look Book to boost your ecommerce sales this holiday season.
The potential for driving business growth via shoppable social posts is downright colossal, and there are already several viable options for getting started with integrating your store with your social media posts. Here are five ways in which you can drive holiday sales online with social commerce.
Search engine optimization is a long-game strategy. Follow the best practices, and you’ll watch your site gradually improve in rank. That said, there are some things you can do to help you leap forward in the process – like these 10 SEO quick wins.
Not every business manages to win 1 million users and grow its toolkit tenfold. For SEMrush these two pivotal milestones were achieved in 2016. This was a truly remarkable year for us. However, there’s one more important number we can’t help but share with you. Throughout 2016, 100 important updates have been released, which makes us confident that SEMrush is now an all-encompassing marketing suite.

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