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Need help getting started with video marketing? One of the hardest things for many businesses to start learning is video marketing, but it isn‘t as hard as it sounds! You can do it. We have seven quick videos that can help you begin today!
Experienced marketers know their competitors inside and out, and they know that there is always somewhere to dig deeper Let’s look at some of the more complex insights that your rivals’ website traffic metrics can reveal. Set your clock: we have got 30 minutes and 7 hidden points to discover.
Our digest is here to help you keep track of all the new stuff that keeps happening at Google. Keep reading to learn about SERP tests and updates, changes in Google Ads, Google tool updates, more data in the GSC API, and a new video series that will be useful to all.
Dom O‘Neill breaks down how you can use nanocasting to help your business grow its products and services. Learn the proper way to send private video messages to those that already like you, trust you, and who already buy from you. See Dom‘s strategies for saying the right things at the right time without spamming to create a conversation.
We had a fantastic Twitter chat with John Doherty about hiring the right marketer for your company. Our community discussed the types of skills marketers need today to build their reputation, ways a business can vet remote workers and consultants, why a company would choose a consultant over an agency, determining which level of marketer to hire, and which questions you should ask when hiring.
It is estimated that the influencer marketing industry will be worth between $5 billion to $10 billion by 2020. This is the primary reason why so many fake influencers have cropped up in the past few years. While it can be hard to identify fake influencer profiles, there are ways in which brands can shortlist real influencers for their campaigns and avoid investing in fake profiles.
During pride month, brands teeter between a genuine celebration of Pride and problematic advertising that feels forced, or worse: pandering. Keep reading to learn what makes brands come across and fake, and what brands should be considering (and avoiding) before they attempt to include Pride as a part of a marketing campaign.
A confusing website architecture doesn‘t just confuse Google, it impacts profits. Find out how to apply a data-driven approach to improve website structure (regardless of the size of your site).
Have you ever had to work out the market size and potential SEO opportunity for an entire company for meetings with stakeholders, or even a new client? Need help gathering data? Ross will show you, step-by-step, how to discover the information you need.
This week on #SEMrushchat, we talked about content marketing promotion with our community and guest Gail Gardner. As we all know, not all businesses have a large budget for content promotion, so we asked the audience some questions that consultants often hear from business owners that are new to content and content promotion.

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