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When SEO optimization process becomes more complicated, a go-to instrument has to go through the changes to make it easier. Read about 12 SEMrush Position Tracking features that will show you the new advanced way of work with local and mobile rankings.
To understand whether or not traditional, manual, and human-centered SEO is threatened or augmented by AI, we invited Shannon K. Steffen onto last week‘s #SEMrushchat to share her tactics on targeting the right audience, increasing traffic, qualifying leads, and selling more with Human SEO marketing solutions. Here is what Shannon and the rest of our chat participants had to say:
Think you know how to set up the perfect Google Ads campaign? Let’s take a closer look at 9 common Google Ads mistakes that most new campaigns fall prey to and discuss how you can avoid them. See if you are making one of these deceptively common mistakes, and learn strategies and techniques to fix them.
Without experimentation, it isn‘t possible for us to discover more innovative ways of capturing attention in the search results. For that reason, we decided to offer you five steps below that you can use to run experiments on your SERP listings and optimize them in ways you wouldn‘t otherwise be able to. Let‘s get started.
Did your traffic take a nosedive after Google tweaked their algorithm? Learn how to find the keywords you lost or won in this guide using excel, Google Analytics, Search Console, and SEMRush.
Grasp the art of planning your activities in such a way as to achieve your goals in the time you were given! Learn how to setup and manage your posting schedule on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks with the help of SEMrush’s Social Media Poster.
Last Wednesday on #SEMrushchat, Grant Simmons with over 25 years of experience strategizing and producing marketing communications for local and international companies. We asked Grant to share his insights on understanding audience intent, making connections with them, targeting them with contextual, data-driven content strategies, and measuring content performance with the right metrics.
For those of you who are actively trying to build up your business’s Facebook presence, now is your chance to hear about it from someone who has been on the front lines every single day for the past two years.Here is how he did it.
From 0-20 Million views on Quora - and how Deepak Shukla did it. A Step-by-step guide for how to go viral on Quora and win followers and referral traffic by writing unique and engaging answers in areas you are expert it. If you have been writing on Quora but have not had the success you have been hoping for or have not yet considered possible - this guide will remove the mystery of how to do it.
Based on the updates from the past two weeks, it appears as though Google isn‘t slowing down with updates and changes, and they have many more plans it wants to be completed before the year ends. We have kept track of the important updates and announcements Google has made the last couple of week and explained the importance of each of them in this article.

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