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A Guide to Writing Correct Anchor Texts

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A Guide to Writing Correct Anchor Texts

Anchor text is one of the most important components of any webpage. Yet, it doesn’t get its due attention from webmasters and SEO experts. It is a piece of text that is clickable. It appears in the form of a title or phrase but is hyperlinked to a website. Adding anchor text to a page enables people to find it and get directed to it by clicking on the link provided to them. The anchor link has to be accurate in terms of indicating and describing the particular webpage it is directing a user to.

There are two basic types of links for which you have to write anchor texts. A link can be internal, which directs users to a page on your website or external which leads the users to another website altogether. Either way, the importance of the anchor link cannot be ignored. The search engines use the link to determine what the page is about. Writing correct anchor texts makes it easier for users to find the pages you want to direct to and the search engines to learn more about your webpage.

What most people don’t realize is the fact that the anchor text actually affects the SEO of your website. Google pays special attention to the way the text has been written and it determines the ranking you are able to achieve. This is the reason why something that appears as trivial as an anchor text has to be written with much care and caution because of the anchor text SEO. There are some tips you can follow to write correct anchor texts.

Avoid Unrelated Things

Before getting to what you have to do, it is important to look at what you shouldn’t do. The first no-no in this regard is using the URL of the page as the html anchor text. It is convenient for you to simply copy and paste the URL of your website or webpage and post it as the anchor text. However, that wouldn’t provide you any benefits whatsoever. Rather, Google would look rather unfavorably towards your website.

Also, you have to avoid using text that has absolutely no relevance to what your website is about. There have been cases where marketers and webmasters have tended to include keywords in the anchor text, only to make it completely useless when it comes to SEO. The key is to keep it relevant to what the webpage or website is about. One look at the text should be enough for a person to get a decent idea of what he/she can expect from the page for which the anchor text has been written.

Describe the Page

Carrying on from the previous point, effect anchor text html requires you to describe the content or nature of the page. For instance, if you are writing about how your product benefits people, a solid anchor text would be Benefits of XXX. This way, you are providing both users and search engines a good idea of what they can expect to find on the page. For the same page, if you use the product name, it would lose half its relevant right away.

The biggest mistake you can make in this regard is to deploy the commonly used links like ‘Click Here’. They are too frequently used to have any impact on your website’s SEO whatsoever. Continuing in the same vein, avoid using generic phrases and terms as well to describe your page, like Contact Us.

The Ideal Length

Two words is the ideal length for anchor texts. That doesn’t give you much leverage in terms of being able to describe the page. Of course, you can use more words but the chances of success when using two words is greater. The best approach to take here is to think about the most relevant keywords for your website. Think about the search terms and queries people are likely to use for finding your website. That way, you can check both short and long tail keywords to describe your anchor links.

One of the best resources for discovering the right keywords for your niche is SEMrush. It is a comprehensive suite which boasts of a number of features designed to take your website to the top of the search engine rankings. You can not only find the keywords but also organize them in an effective way.

These are some of the considerations you have to make to write correct anchor texts. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be able to come up with effective anchor text backlinks as you simply have to follow the tips provided above. What you need to ensure is that the text stands out. It should be in bold font or underlined throughout, to make it easier to spot and distinguish for the users. So, there is no reason for you to not write perfect anchor text for each link you create. After all, internal links boost your PageRank and external links help with SEO.

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