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How to Add Awesome Value to A Download Your Users Will Love

Jamie Newton
How to Add Awesome Value to A Download Your Users Will Love

At Hanapin (the creators behind PPC Hero and Hero Conf), we are constantly trying to think of different ways to bring value to our users and educate our peers about PPC. It’s a constant back-and-forth on what is wanted, what is needed, and what topics are going to get us the most attention and downloads.

Since our content downloads are a great lead generator for us, we’ve got to be mindful of what we put out (duh, right?). We release something new every week, whether it’s a whitepaper filled with rich content or a toolkit which includes a variety of items like webinar recordings, whitepapers, guides, checklists, infographics and sometimes even discounts for upcoming events. That’s a lot of material to work with!

But recently, we got to thinking — how can we use all of this content and easily add even more value that makes it into something our users will drool over?

Our answer: Combine all of the guides we’ve ever produced into one easy and accessible download. Here's how it works, and why you should do it too.


Our newest offering is The Ultimate PPC Knowledge Stack. For a limited time only (ends on Monday, December 8th), you can get over 30 of the whitepapers and guides Hanapin has released. It includes everything from CRO Tips to Google AdWords tutorials to social advertising tactics to our most recent and popular release, the "2014 State of Paid Search."

Here’s why audiences go crazy for this type of bundling, even though we’ve made each piece available separately in previous promotions:

  • It’s everything, at once. Usually, we promote each content piece individually, and even if you downloaded every single one of them over the years, they still seem very separate. This creates an awesome bundle that not even we can top.
  • It’s available for a limited time. We can’t just keep this available forever — that defeats the purpose of our targeted promotion and audience segmentation abilities. But for this one week, nevermind all that: You can get everything! That’s unique, and creates a sense of urgency.
  • It’s easier than usual. Our audience, and the marketing world in general, is used to having to fill out a new lengthy lead generation form for every little piece of content. But in this case, people have a chance to make their lives easier, and ramp up for next year with an ultimate knowledge stack that isn’t usually so accessible. Ease removes friction, and creates a lot of action.

Awesome + Urgent + Value + Easy = Happiness For All

When you make something that’s really valuable for a user and super easy to put together, you’ve just created yourself a little slice of marketing heaven — not just for you, but for your audience too. Add in urgency and you’re guaranteed to have users scrambling for it faster than Black Friday shoppers do for cheap electronics (OK, that’s a bit much, but you get my drift). We’ve already seen over 400 people take advantage of the stack and it’s only been a couple days. Not too shabby!

Packaging Your Sweet Bundle

So once you figure out what you want to release, its time to think about how you can package it in a way that’s best for the user.

At Hanapin, we have the ability to create specific landing and confirmation pages in our CMS. We create a brand new page for every whitepaper and toolkit we release that includes a form directly linked to our email platform. Because the page is on our company site, it’s already branded, so it looks nice. We have graphics placed on the page that brands the specific release and use this graphic in all of our materials for a congruent promotion.


To make it really accessible, all we ask for is the user's email address.

Once a user puts in his or her email address, a new confirmation page pops up with links to each whitepaper. We decided to play it this way (versus one huge download) so the user has an opportunity to download whitepapers they’ve missed in the past or download all of them if they’d like.

Don’t Forget To Tell People About It!

You’d be surprised at how many people simply forget to put any kind of promotion schedule in place for their materials.

This is super important, you guys! We do a mini-promotion for each one of our releases. The promotion includes an email to our entire database, a blog post on ppchero.com, and social media posts (we use Facebook and Twitter). We have a standard weekly schedule that we stick to and plan months in advance.

Now, You Try!

Try it yourself and make those users happy. Oh, and go download The Ultimate PPC Knowledge Stack at Hanapin. (Yeah I know I said that again, but I mean, I really wouldn’t be a true marketing person if I didn’t do that one last push, right?).

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Jamie Newton is a Digital Marketer at Hanapin, and Social Media Manager for PPCHero.
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