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Advanced Usage of Google Analytics Data

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Advanced Usage of Google Analytics Data

Google Analytics is as dense a resource as any you find online. Even marketers who have been using it for years discover something new from time to time. There is little doubt about the importance of Analytics in the prevalence of internet marketing today. However, Google has made it known that a number of changes and upgrades are going to be made to Analytics over the coming year or so. For those not familiar with its ins and outs, things could get difficult.

This is where you need to learn about advanced usage of the data you can collect through Google Analytics. Making use of the tool to perform functions such as export Analytics data and generate a Google keyword report are now a must for any marketer. You need to keep yourself up to date with Analytics or it could become too difficult for you to master. Here are some of the ways in which you make advanced usage of Google Analytics data.

Source of Traffic to Your Website

Did you know you can find out the source of the traffic directed to your website? Marketers are often obsessed with getting people to visit the landing page. Hence, they more or less ignore the finer details, such as where the traffic originated from. The main source remains search but a website shouldn’t only be relying on search for all traffic. There are some websites where 70% of the traffic is generated through search. You can use the Analytics data to find out the sources of traffic and then decide whether you need to optimize your SEO and PPC campaigns or offer rewards for referrals.

All about Mobile Visitors

Mobile marketing is all the rage these days and not without reason. The number of smartphone and tablet users has grown like anything over the years and you need to make sure that you are targeting the mobile devices’ users. For this, you can export Google Analytics data into a report and find out the number of mobile users your website is attracting. Not only can you find the percentage of visitors to your website made up by mobile users but also which devices they are using. In addition, you can also discover the source of the mobile traffic.

Where Do the Conversions Come From

It is safe to assume for a marketer that the country which produces the most visitors is also giving them the highest conversions. This is not often the case. Even though the number of conversions for a country may be high, it may be a small percentage of the total number of visitors. This could mean that you are not effectively targeting your audience in that country. This is where you can use Google Analytics export data to find out about the countries and places from where your traffic is coming and which country has the best conversion rate. You can increase your marketing efforts for the people living there.

What Are People Searching For On Your Website

Do you have a search box on your website? If not, that is the first thing you should add right away. There are several things that you don’t tell your visitors about and they fail to find on their own. This is why they use the search box to get to where they want to be. Using the Google keyword data, you can find out the most common search terms and queries people are entering on your website. The great thing about this is that you can also discover the search value for each term. This way, you can focus on the search terms which have the most value in terms of money to maximize your earnings.

Is Your Conversion Path Effective?

An experienced marketer knows that it takes more than one stop for a person to complete a conversion. You need to know which part of the path is causing the most visitors to abandon their quest and cost you money. You can export Analytics data to find out exactly what percentage of users is quitting at each stage of the conversion path. This way, you can ensure that the entire path is optimized to ensure maximum conversions or you can remove one or two steps from it. After all, maximizing your conversions is one of the main goals.

These are some of the ways in which you can export Google Analytics data for advanced usage. Gone are the days when finding out the best keywords was the only function marketers had for Google Analytics. You have to learn the techniques to make advanced usage or you will lose ground to your competitors. To boost your efforts, use SEMrush along with Google Analytics. SEMrush is a resource which provides tools which compound the results you get through advanced usage of Analytics data.

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