All About Google's New Gadgets: In Time for the Holidays


Google has officially unveiled its new gadgets and new updates in time for the holiday season. The search engine giant has introduced some of the coolest innovations in the new products and services. It was a glitzy event as it is every year, as many analysts and techie professionals attended the recent Google Nexus Event. Here is a peek into some of the announcements made by Google.

The New Nexus Phones Are Herewith Marshmallow

Google introduced the Nexus 5X and 6P in the event. Nexus 6P includes a 64-bit processor, the new USB Type-C, a powerful 12.3 MP camera, an efficient 8 MP selfie cam, a Touch ID based fingerprint sensor, which will be known as Nexus Imprintwith a 5.7-inch resistive screen. The camera also features the inventive laser detecttechnology for its auto-focus function during different times of the day, and also has the ability to capture 4K video.

The new Nexus will feature the latest Android version which is termed Android Marshmallow. The new version boasts of improved notifications to alert you and includes updates without being disruptive. You can also search for apps right on the search bar and the apps which are pre-loaded have been reduced.

Both phones include a terrific Android Sensor Hubthat can detect ambient lighting, smart gestures and motion technology, which together help in improving battery life too.

The Nexus 5X is priced at $379 while the 6P is priced at $499 and will be available from October in unlocked condition.

You can also get a 90-day Google Play Music subscription along with $50 Google Play credit when you buy the Nexus.

There is also an insurance plan in place called the Nexus Protect with prices starting at $69 for the 5X and $89 for the 6P.

The Google Fi Network can be accessed through the phone too.

Google Play Music and Google Photos

Google Play Music is available on a 90-day trial and with a smart family plan pricing in place, one can share the same music for up to six members for a paltry $14.99 a month.

Google Photos also supports the pricing future and now allows multiple users to add photos collaboratively. The app will include the feature to label important peoplewho are close to you so that future searches are easier. The tags can be made private, so one does not have to reveal names.

Google Photos also boasts Chromecast support now, including GIFs. You don't have to share your phone screen to display photos on the TV like you have to do on current systems.

Chromecast Features Chromecast Audio and New Features

Chromecast does not look anything compared to its first version. The hardware is reconfigured with a smart and flexible cord, a beautiful circular body and is now available in three colors at a very low price of $35.

Google has even introduced Chromecast Audio which can be plugged into any speaker and converted into a streaming device. You can control the playback of Android Wear devices and even any speakers that are controlled by the Chromecast Audio dongle. Music can be synchronized throughout the house.

The Chromecast Audio will be priced at $35 on the Play Store and will be soon available through Walmart and Best Buy. The Chromecast app, which is available for both mobile platforms, Android and iOS, allows the users to explore the apps supported by Chromecast. You can even watch full HD content and also store it for later viewing by bookmarking them. There are new playback controls that can convert your smartphone into a full-fledged remote as well.

The Fast Play feature is integrated into the system to pre-load content so that the buffering time is reduced. Netflix is one of the first content partners and the capability will soon be taken up by other prominent content providers.

Chromebook: The Convertible Notebook

Google also announced the new Pixel C Chromebook where C refers to convertible,allowing it to pose as a simple tablet or a laptop since it includes a magnificent Bluetooth keyboard. No kickstand is involved like the Microsoft Surface.

The tablet can inductively charge the keyboard, which can last for up to two months of active usage with every charge.

The 10-inch screen of the tablet includes a 2560 x 1800 resolution and also boasts of a 308 PPI.

The tablet/laptop also includes dual stereo speakers and the latest USB Type-C.

This device will also feature the latest Android Marshmallow and is expected to receive continual updates on a regular basis.

The Pixel C is priced at $499 for the 32 GB version that is tablet-only, while the Bluetooth keyboard is priced separately at $149. The announcement did mention that the gadget will be available before the holidays,but no further information is available in this regard.

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