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Am I Invisible? (Debunking Visibility Trend and Data in Position Tracking)

Mike Isaac
Am I Invisible? (Debunking Visibility Trend and Data in Position Tracking)

If you use the Position Tracking tool, you have probably asked yourself this question. You input your keywords into your project and when you receive your results, you see a lower than anticipated Visibility %. When most people see this number, they panic and think that their business is in jeopardy. This is not necessarily the case. The number you see represented here is actually based on the parameters set in your project.

When reviewing your Visibility percentage, it is important to note this is strictly based on the keywords you entered in your project along with the ranking you have for those keywords. This does not look at your website as a whole. Instead, this looks at strictly the keywords you have entered in your Position Tracking project.

This number will vary depending on the keywords and rankings you have. In order to receive a visibility percentage of 100, you would need to rank in the first position for all of the keywords entered in your project. This will ultimately determine what percentage is displayed in your project. Usually, you will see a low visibility percentage when you are ranking for keywords in positions closer to 100.

The Position Tracking tool will provide you ranking data within the top 100 results for each keyword. Also, it is important to make sure you are tracking the location you wish to see data for. It is common for users to select ranking data at the national level when they are really looking to see data for a specific region. If you are not sure what location you have set, you can see this information by hovering over the chat icon next to View All Settingsas shown below.

SEMrush Tracking (5)

It is crucial to understand where you are tracking to provide you with the proper data. Unfortunately, if you set the wrong location in your project, you are unable to change it after the project is created. You will need to create a new project and set the correct parameters.

Another question people have with the Position Tracking tool is about their ranking. SEMrush may display a different ranking than what you expected. Most of the time this is due to the location settings on the Project. However, if you are ever not sure on a particular ranking, you can click the ranking shown for your keyword and you will see a pop up box asking to View SERP. Once you click this green button, it will show you an actual screenshot we captured of the search results that displays this particular ranking. 

SEMrush Tracking (6)

SEMrush Tracking (7)

This will determine what ranking we show for you. The time that we saw this ranking will be displayed at the top of your project where you see the name of your project and the last update. You will want to apply these methods to your project when reporting data and analyzing your results.

Another important metric to note about Position Tracking is the CPC and Search Volume data. Regardless of what location you have set in your project, this will only show you data at the national level. The numbers you see in your project for CPC and Search Volume will still be at the national level. Your ranking data will be displayed for whatever location you choose. Also, in order for these numbers to show up in our system, they need to be keywords that are contained in our database.

To understand how we get our data and how keywords are included/excluded from our various databases, please see this blog post. If these keywords are notincluded in our database, you will only see n/a for CPC and Search Volume. This important to note when you are doing keyword research and determining the power of keywords.

These will be important to keep in mind when you are monitoring your Position Tracking project. If you do not understand these metrics, you may find yourself to be one lost puppy.

If you still have questions about any of this information, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Success Team at: (855) 814-4510 or by email at [email protected].

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