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Elad Zoldan

An Unexpected Way to Improve Your E-Commerce Campaigns

Elad Zoldan
An Unexpected Way to Improve Your E-Commerce Campaigns

Whether you’re outsourcing or managing SEM campaigns, especially in the e-commerce world, you constantly face the challenge of directing your traffic to the right place.

Unlike other sites, an e-commerce site usually offers more than one product and category. Therefore, as you well know, it becomes more challenging to lead users through the right funnel and to the designated product page. You dedicate valuable time ensuring that visitors don’t get “lost” on your site and that they are able to reach the product they want as soon as possible.

I will venture to say that you don't usually have a 100% success rate in sending users to the most profitable page. You also probably have keywords or placements that are currently sending your users to the wrong pages. Detecting these mistakes often takes a long time. Sometimes, they are never discovered.

So what is the unexpected way to improve the outcomes of your campaigns?

Human eyes on your traffic!

Right now you’re probably thinking to yourself “That’s not unexpected, just expensive, complex and very hard to execute when you’re not a big company.” Now even though I understand where you're coming from – you’re wrong. It is not expensive, not complex and actually quite easy to do.

However, before diving into that, let me better explain why and how having a real person man and monitor your site improves SEM campaigns and generates valuable marketing insights.

Let’s assume you have an online watch store named “MyWatches” that has an average product value of $200.

How Can Human Eyes Help Search Campaigns?

In this section I will refer to paid traffic, however it is important to state that it is also highly relevant for organic traffic.

1. Find campaign ‘bugs’

Yes, there are many ways and tools to detect bugs in campaigns. However, when human eyes are capable of doing so extremely fast. Let's take the “MyWatches” example: You created a broad keyword ‘black watch hugu men’ but forgot to add the ‘+’ sign that indicates you want all four words in the search term. How long do you think it will take you to find this mistake?

Your bounce rate will not always indicate a mistake or a ‘bug’ in your campaign and even if it will, usually it will take time. For a human on the other hand, detecting a bug will be much easier and faster. For example, it can only take two or three users that landed on a specific page from that keyword, that left a certain page quickly without engaging and that only one visitor that asked “where can I watch black mirror?” to know that there is a problem with the campaign.

Another example of a bug which can easily be detected by a human eye is geo-targeting – not excluding certain countries.

2. Better Landing Pages (LPs)

Let’s assume you have "buy g-shock watch" as an exact keyword in your campaign and that you send the traffic from this keyword to the men’s luxury G- Shock watch section.

When you examine the results you see the following: an image or two, average bounce rate, a bit below average conversion rate, average time on page and positive ROI. Because the results are good and satisfying, you will probably leave it at that.

However, a human that engages with your users can instantly add valuable information. For example, he can tell you that a lot of the traffic arriving to the page from this keyword are children who are not able to find and reach the product they want. Your optimization can include adding button to children section, or creating a new LP for this keyword. You did a good job but there is still much more money to be made.

3. Ongoing Optimization of Campaigns and Landing Pages

Let’s assume that these children sum up to be 20% of the traffic arriving from this keyword, therefore you don’t want to change the current landing page just for them or maybe you just can’t due to other reasons. In this case, a human can just track these children who are searching for a different G-Shock and direct them to the right page. By doing that he becomes an integral part of the campaign optimization.

How Human Eyes Can Help Display/Referrals Campaigns

It’s more complicated to send traffic from different placements in display campaigns to the right LP than it is from search campaigns. Having a human man your site and track the referral url to your LP can do magic to your display and referrals campaigns.

  • A human can see the URL in real time and even visit it which makes it easier to understand the user’s state of mind. For example, a user arrives from the Women’s section in “Barney’s.com,” a high-end department store, which indicates to the human that the user is interested in women's luxury watches. With that information the human can craft a personalized message to the user.
  • A human can understand which placements or display keywords need to be excluded from the campaign.
  • Find frauds from affiliates links – e.g. users from affiliate ‘x’ never ask for help.

Join the Webinar

By now you must wonder how this “human” tracks, approaches visitors and gets instantly valuable insights on your campaign traffic. The answer is by using a real time customer engagement platform. In the upcoming webinar “Improve Your E-Commerce Campaigns in an Unexpected Way,” we will explain how to track, analyze, approach and optimize your traffic with Proonto’s customer engagement platform.

We will also show you how easy, convenient and affordable it is to find the right human to man and operate your site. Join us!

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