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App Week Roundup

Tara M. Clapper
App Week Roundup

Thanks for joining us for App Week on the SEMrush Blog!

Did you miss it? Check out our themed content below the jump.

Welcome to App Week on the SEMrush Blog by Tara Clapper

In this intro to app week, I take a quick look at how many apps I use – even on an 'unplugged' day.

7 Apps That Are Changing the Way We Live and Travel by Boris Dzhingarov

Learn about how TripAdvisor, Dark Sky, Turboscan and more impact the way we travel and discover food and accommodations. Are you using these apps?

Social Media on the Go: Apps Every Marketer Needs by Emmelie de la Cruz

There are scores of apps to help us manage social media, but which are most useful and time-saving for marketers? Emmelie de la Cruz looks at Periscope, IFTTT, Legend and more. Did your favorite social media app make the list?

6 Ways Mobile Apps Can Fuel Business Growth by Keval Padia

Customer service convenience, brand awareness and other crucial aspects of your business' success can get a boost from mobile apps. Keval Padia examines this topic.

Our First Day on Beme: A Haphazard App Review by Anneliese Sparks and Peter Starr Northrop

Find out what happened when our marketing team used Beme just after it was released.

Check back next week for E-Commerce Week! We'll look at how business is done online, what shortcuts can help you improve your processes, online marketplaces, strategies and more!

Tara M. Clapper

A veteran community member.

Tara M. Clapper is Content Development Specialist at Express Writers and Senior Editor at The Geek Initiative, a website celebrating women in geek culture. Tara is a prolific content creator and an accomplished editor, having written and edited thousands of blog posts, small business websites, and other inbound marketing content through the course of her career. Tara enjoys blogging about SEO copywriting, content management, corporate culture, personal branding, networking and LinkedIn. She has over a decade of experience in digital publishing. Connect with her on Twitter @irishtara
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