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Apple Launches Streaming Music Service: Will Users Pay?

Darshan Patel
Apple Launches Streaming Music Service: Will Users Pay?

Apple Music, Apple's brand new streaming music service, has launched worldwide, competing against many of the existing services that have carved a niche in the industry. The service is in tough competition with Spotify, Rdio, Pandora and Amazon Prime Music. Apple Music launched varied features within its ambitious, comprehensive product.

Why Would You Need a New Streaming Service?

Not everyone is a DJ, and sometimes it's tough to learn about the latest trends – or to know what to search for to find your latest music fix.

Apple has made Apple Music smart enough to tell you what you need to play next! In true Apple form, the company simplifies technology and makes clunky aspects of the tech into its sleeker versions.

Apple Music is doing the same to the streaming music industry by burying search behind multiple ways to search for music recommendations.

Salient Features of Apple Music:

  • Personalized music suggestions for you in the “For You” section
  • Fresh music releases and top charts in its “Top Charts” section
  • Curated playlists based on different moods and genres
  • New list created based on your own iTunes collection in “My Music”
  • Human DJ’d Beats radio for random listening
  • Includes Pandora-style algorithmic radio stations divided into genres and artists
  • Real-time posts of content from Artists through the “Connect” section

You don’t have to get lost sampling different tracks; you won't waste time staring at an empty search bar. People who never had a wall of CDs but loved singing to the radio or a CD would love using the Apple music streaming service.

It will scan your existing music library and even look for the matching songs on iTunes catalog. The matches will be part of the iCloud Music Library, so that you can stream your preferred music once you have Apple Music. You do not have to delete original music files although you will have access to the songs through Apple Music. The iCloud Music Library keeps the list organized in one view and also saves all existing playlists, matching your preferences to 25,000 songs. Apple is planning to raise that amount in the near future.

Listening to Songs Offline

One of the biggest downsides to streaming music is that you cannot listen to songs without an internet connection or the browsing would eat up chunks of your cellular data plan. Apple Music lets you download copies of all the available songs, albums or playlists so that if you are in a place which does not have web access, you can easily listen to your personal favorites. No limits are imposed on offline storage of songs and the duration of the storage. You can even view the songs that are stored locally and the songs stored in the cloud.

Find New Music – Or Let New Music Find You

You get consistent suggestions to discover new music in the new app with a list of new releases that match your tastes, chart-busting numbers and playlists based on a particular genre or theme. Apple has created an actual live radio station known as the Beats 1 that will play same content to all those who have tuned the same station around the world, at all points of time.

Give Apple a chance to guess and assess what you like and your taste in music before getting addicted to it. The Personalized section of Apple Music will figure out your music interests through few questions and the existing music library.

Siri and Apple Music Work Together!

Apple Music is integrated with the intelligent Siri, your mobile assistant. You can tell Siri to do basic tasks like play a specific song, a particular album or your favorite playlist. You can instruct Siri to play the song which you like next, and even schedule a task for a later time.

By being specific in instructions, it is easier to control Siri. You can get it to play the top 20 R&B songs or play the top song of a chart. Let it discover new music, a genre playlist based on your preference or just launch a radio station based on a list of artists you like. What’s more, you can even select the music by date. Ask it to play the best songs played on a day or choose some of the songs played during an important occasion. Those who like to host parties or have different events to attend, would like music suiting to that occasion and would love this feature too.

Upgrade Required

You need to upgrade your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to the latest version of iOS (iOS 8.4) before you use Apple Music. Mac and PC users will have to download and install the latest iTunes. As per reports, the Android version for Apple Music will be launched this fall.

The streaming service is free for the first three months after which users will be automatically charged $9.99 a month. A family membership may offer better value for your situation.

In a Snapshot

It is tough to ascertain whether users will continue to use Apple Music even after three months. Is it the Apple era of streaming music or was it too late to join the bandwagon? Will free Spotify users convert to paying Apple Music users? Only time will tell.

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