Are You a Hustler? 4 Questions To Consider

Paul Slack

May 20, 20154 min read
Are You a Hustler? 4 Questions To Consider

Hustling is a good word. I’m talking about the working hard, getting up early, never giving up, and making every minute count definition of the word. This is the word Gary Vaynerchuk says is the most important word.

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Hustling has been in my DNA as long as I can remember. From searching for empty coke bottles as a little boy to return to the neighborhood grocery store for a few cents, to starting a lawn business in high school, to starting, failing, starting again and ultimately selling a business…then starting another one. Hustling has always been a secret to my success. When you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed you need to be ready to work twice as hard as the next guy.

Along the way I picked up a few pieces of advice that helped me hone my passion for hustling into a winning strategy for success.

  • The first came from Stephen Covey in his book, Seven Habits for Highly Successful People. Habit 2, begin with the end in mind, changed my life. This taught me to channel my energy towards and end game and to look honestly at my time and progress along the way.
  • Next was from a boss who told me if I would make my primary goal to solve the problems of others and help them succeed, then I would never have to worry about making a living. That part would take care of itself.
  • Finally I discovered Peter Drucker and learned a profound truth. Businesses don’t exist for their own sake but to fulfill a need in the marketplace. It’s not about getting rich it’s about serving others.

Applying these three concepts has helped me as a sales person, entrepreneur and social media marketing strategist in many ways. When Semrush asked me to write an article on entrepreneurship and social marketing, I decided to share 4 key questions you must ask yourself if you want to refine your craft and succeed in business and social marketing:

  1. What sets you apart? Even if you don’t realize it, you are the perfect fit for the perfect customer. This is the only reason you are making sales right now. If you want to grow your business or social network, you must identify who makes up your perfect audience and the key messages that will connect with them in an emotive way. Speak to them in their own language, even if that means you turn others off in the process. Hustlers spend a lot of time perfecting their message and understanding their audience. They pay attention to their metrics and listen to their customer complaints and praises.
  2. Where are your weaknesses? If you want to get stale and crusty fast, don’t ever ask yourself this question. Remember Blockbuster? Ten years ago stopping at one of their locations on my way home from work each Friday night was an absolute requirement. I don’t think the wife and kids would have let me in if they didn’t see 2-3 videos in my hand. Now Netflix gets our business. Hustlers ask this question all the time. They “get” innovation and understand that it never stands still. Innovation exposes weakness in products, processes, and procedures. Look for them and don’t assume that yesterday’s strengths will overpower your weakness. More than likely they are the source. For example, have you delayed boosting posts on Facebook because you hate to spend the money, but are wondering why your engagement is falling? You might be thinking to yourself “I didn’t have to boost last year to get engagement, why should I now?” Making more posts won’t solve your problem. The world has changed.
  3. What’s over the horizon? I like to schedule time each week to dig in, look around, play online and just simply be curious. Try out new tools, tactics, and look at what the competition is doing. Hustlers have a passion for learning. Because they ask questions 1 and 2 they are in a great position to study and explore new and better ways to serve customers on and off line.
  4. Are you encouraging those in your sphere of influence? No one succeeds in a silo. Your customers, followers, and team members need to hear how much you appreciate them. Saying “thank you” seems to be a lost art. Therefore, saying “thank you” gives you a chance not only to recognize and encourage those who are helping you achieve your goals but also helps you stand out from the pack.

You must also recognize that busyness and hustling aren’t the same thing. Hustlers are open minded and understand that there are only so many hours in the day. Each moment an un-replenishable resource that is gone forever. They use their time wisely, invest in relationships, and question the status quo. They get things done.

Busy people fill their days with tasks that seem urgent but really aren’t. As a result, they don’t have time to build real relationships. Would you rather send an email than pick up the phone and call a customer? If, you said yes then you might be suffering with busyness. Busyness says “I don’t have time for you;” hustling says “you’re the most important person in the world at this moment.”

Hustlers win because they care. People buy from people; not brands, not Facebook pages, not cute memes or pictures of puppies. Your audience will care about you when they know you care about them first. Sure, they look busy because they are. They’re making sales, growing businesses, and running laps around their competition. You want to start winning in social...then become a hustler!

Do you hustle? What are your tips for business success? Let us know in the comments!

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Paul is the author of Social Rules! and Founder and Chief Strategist of Vende Social. Equipping, enabling, and empowering individuals and companies to wield new media to achieve their goals is his mission.