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At the SEMrush Team, the Google Scraped Data Fiasco Will Never Apply.

Sean Malseed

So, it's been big in the news as of late.  I'm sure you heard about it - several companies met the strong arm of Google's TOS, and wound up having to make a choice between showing organic data, and using the Google API for Adwords data. These companies were put between a rock and a hard place, and had to make a tough decision.  Many decided to drop organic data entirely, in order to keep their status as a Google certified API partner.

Rest assured, the SEOquake Team is in no such unfortunate position.  SEOquake, SEMrush and WHOrush will continue to soldier on, unchanged, doing what we do best: providing in-depth competitive analysis and metrics on both paid and organic search.

There's a lot of "magic" behind how we do things, but the main point is that it's all in-house.  We create everything, from idea to the implementation.  Our developers constantly change and improve our algorithms, programming and methodology to stay right on top of every change the search world throws at us.  In that way, through a perfect mix of smart people, great ideas and powerful computers, we're in a unique position to power forward through Google for years to come.

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