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Behind the Scenes of Success: Learn and Analyze Your Competitors’ Links

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Behind the Scenes of Success: Learn and Analyze Your Competitors’ Links

There is no way you can copy your competitors’ links and get away with it. The new algorithms and filters deployed across the search engines make it virtually impossible for marketers to ‘borrow’ backlinking ideas from their rivals. This is why they are forced to come up with new and innovative ways to get backlinks. Yet, because you cannot steal it doesn’t mean you cannot gain something useful from competitors’ backlinks analysis. In fact, it could help you learn how to place effective links.

The reason why it is futile to copy what others are doing is because you also end up adopting what they are doing wrong. Since there isn’t a perfect link building strategy, therefore you cannot assume that what your competitors are doing is correct completely. Rather, they might be doing something the wrong way and you inadvertently end up applying it to your linking strategy. This is why you shouldn’t be doing SEO backlinks analysis just for the sake of plagiarizing the strategy employed by your rivals.

What You Gain From Competitive Link Analysis

The fact that you cannot adapt the ideas and links you discover your competitors are using might deter you from carrying out competitive link analysis. However, there is more to the analysis than just seeing the links your competitors are using and replicating them for your website or landing page. The issue is that there is hardly any marketer out there who can claim to be an expert on SEO and link building. Half the time, even they have no idea how they get backlinks.

With Google introducing frequent updates, you need to keep yourself on top of the competition. Using a backlink analysis tool to keep an eye on your competitors’ links is one of the most important steps towards achieving that goal. There are various ways in which using a backlink tool proves extremely handy for you.

Find the Best Keywords

Even with all the tools available to you, it is quite possible you may overlook a few important keywords when compiling your list. Keeping an eye on your competitors can enable you to discover any such keywords you might otherwise miss out on. To make sure you don’t miss out on any relevant keywords for your campaign, use SEMrush in addition to carrying the backlink analysis. SEMrush is a wonderful resource for finding the right keywords to use for optimizing your website or landing page.

The great thing about carrying out the analysis is that not only do you get to find the keywords but also discover the ways in which they are being used by your competitors. Hence, learning and analyzing your competitors’ links can actually help you find targeted keywords you should be using in your campaign.

Discover Potential Linking Opportunities

The fact that some websites have linked to your competitors’ campaign means they are interested in the niche you are targeting. The great thing here is that you don’t need to judge whether or not the links are worth adding to your website or landing page. Since they are already linked to your competitors, it means that they are qualified links and would add tremendous value to your campaign. It’s all the more reason for you to employ a backlink analyzer tool.

Boost Your SEO Efforts

The importance of building links for SEO cannot be ignored. However, sometimes you don’t have a clear idea of where exactly to place a specific link. When you analyze the competitors who have achieved SEO success, you will get an idea of where the links should be added. After all, there are various pages on your site you can add the links to but the key is to make sure you place them correctly. Also, you can get an idea of how to balance inbound and outbound links through analyzing competitors’ links.

Enter the Big League

All in all, analyzing your competitors’ links could prove to be your ticket into the big league. If your campaign has failed to get off the ground despite your best efforts, it may be time you should start thinking of seeking external assistance. Being able to carry out competitors’ backlinks analysis is one of the best and most effective ways in which you can do so. What’s more, you don’t have to restrict yourself to your direct competitors.

You can use the backlink analyzer tool to track the link building activities of the leading brands in your niche. This way, you can discover what they are doing to get quality links to and from their landing page and website. Instead of applying the principles followed by mid-level brands, you can pose direct competition to the big guns. It may take some time but if you keep on the right track, the results would come sooner or later.

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