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Benefits of using long-tail keywords to gain organic search traffic

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Benefits of using long-tail keywords to gain organic search traffic

As the competition for organic search engine results increase, there has been an increasing interest in long-tail keywords. More and more people and businesses are turning to long-tail keywords in order to side step the competition and corner a set of keywords in their niche. Making sure that your website is optimized with the appropriate keyword research services can explode the organic search results, and long-tail keywords can be a way that you can get to the coveted first page of Google without paying for the adwords keywords or pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

What are long-tail keywords?

Long-tail keywords usually consist of targeted phrases that are more than five words in length. People will naturally type in a phrase or sentence that they are hoping will generate a number of highly targeted search results and by targeting these long-tail keywords you are able to take advantage of this fact. The people that are searching for these targeted phrases are also looking for something specific and therefore the traffic, although reduced, will be much more profitable.

Example: comparison of broad search term (sony xperia go) vs. long-tail keyword (what is the price of a sony xperia go in white) – notice the vastly different amount of results!

What are the benefits of using long-tail keywords?

  • Long-tail keywords generate more targeted traffic. This translates to less competition and more of that traffic going to your website or offering. Although there is less traffic overall the lessened traffic means that you are more likely to get onto the first page of search results and capture more of this targeted traffic.
  • Long-tail keywords generate higher conversions. People that use the long-tail keyword that you are targeting will be looking what you have to offer. This translates to more of your target audience clicking through to your website and finding what they were looking for as it is much more specific. If they are ready to buy, as most good long-tail keywords can be, and you give them what they are looking for, they’ll buy.
  • Long-tail keywords require less investment. Long-tail keywords are less popular, due to the lower traffic, among advertisers. This means that when you use adwords keywords or PPC the cost of the ads will be much lower, while still giving you the highly targeted traffic.

When you should incorporate long-tail keywords

Depending on your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, long-tail keywords could make up a large portion of your total keyword set. The number of benefits that they are able to contribute often makes long-tail keywords an economical choice for building out your SEO strategy. Whether you are adding new keywords to your website or starting a brand new project, you can use long-tail keywords at any time, but the benefits are greatest if you use them as soon as possible. Developing a balanced SEO campaign will allow you to use long tail keyword research as part of your overall strategy for maximal results from your organic traffic.

How to find great long-tail keywords?

The long tail keyword generator that you can use to make your keyword set is important but you need to find one that you can use effectively for the most benefit. The best keyword research tool, with a great advanced toolset, is SEMrush. SEMrush is well known for a number of features that will make your keyword research convenient, quick, and effective. A notable feature is that it has the ability to do competitor keyword research (display which competitors are ranked for keywords and ads).


Long-tail keywords are a great economical solution that can boost any SEO plan. By targeting keywords that have less competition it is easier to reach the first page of the search results and gain more valuable traffic. Using long-tail keywords can also increase the conversion and time spent on page, as the people searching are likely to be looking what you have to offer. Making sure that you not only target the appropriate long-tail keywords but that you then provide them with valuable content, you will ensure that you maximize the limited traffic and encourage conversions.

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