The Best Instagram Tools To Consider in 2017

Vivek Gururani

Apr 28, 20174 min read
Instagram Tools To Consider in 2017

I have decided to create an article with the best Instagram tools after testing over 100 over the last few years. 

In today's article I will include some tools that I have been using and that work very well.

Best Instagram tools by category

Tools to program your Instagram content

The Instagram API has quite limited functionality. Content programming tools depend upon the agreement between Instagram and the application programmer.

To program your content I recommend these tools:

  • Onlypult — allows you to program content in multiple accounts. A free 7 day trial is offered.
  • Conjuregram — in addition to allowing content programming, this tool has other interesting actions.
  • Hootsuite — a very complete tool that, among its many features, lets you program content in Instagram.
  • Grum — this application is a very affordable way to upload and schedule your Instagram posts. 

Tools to optimize your profile

With the Pretty Link plugin, you can create shortened and customized links with your domain. 

I use these type of links in several ways with Instagram. 


  • For the link of the biography — so I can measure exactly the traffic that Instagram provides me.
  • To include the link in my content — as it is a link with my domain, it is easy for people to type it manually in their browser.
  • To include the link in my Instagram stories.

Another very useful tool for sharing links in Instagram is IGLINK

You are probably tired of making posts on Instagram saying “go to my profile and click on the link” and having to enter the final destination link each time.

It is a tedious and boring task.

With IGLINK you won’t have to change the link in your profile again.

The steps are very simple:

  • Enter and create your custom link. You only have to put your Instagram user.
  • Go to your Instagram account and paste the link generated by IGLINK into your biography.
  • Upload a post (photo or video) and include a link. 
  • Go back to your profile and click on the link generated by IGLINK. Ex:
  • You will be opened a link with several publications, click on the publication and you will be redirected to the link that you put in your publication.

This tool is very practical. Here’s why:

  • You do not have to be constantly changing your profile link.
  • Your followers will have a history of the links and in an organized way (because each link is associated with a publication).
  • You can use this functionality to create a product catalog.
  • By having this tool you will increase the traffic to your web page or blog and you will get more conversions (leads or sales).

 Analysis and monitoring tools

Remember that you can have free access to the analytics of your account if you have activated the company profile in Instagram.

There are many tools to analyze Instagram accounts, I recommend these:

  • Iconosquare — this was the first tool with features for Instagram. You can try out their analytics plan for free.
  • Hootsuite and Sprout Social offer you data on the performance of your Instagram account as well as allowing you to manage your Instagram accounts.
  • — offers you good metrics from your Instagram account. You can try it for free, but then it will be $ 100 a month.
  • SocialRank — allows you to better understand your account’s followers.

The most economical choice of external analytical tools is Metricool.

Monitor your competition or hashtags

  • Hashtracking — lets you analyze the effectiveness of a hashtag in Instagram.
  • Keyhole — also allows you to analyze a hashtag in Instagram.
  • Want to know how many false followers your account has or your competition? With Followercheck, you can analyze the number of fake followers that have an Instagram account.

Photo design and editing tools

  • EasyEraser (iPhone) — allows you to delete photo elements.
  • Studio Design (iPhone- Android) — for me, it’s the best design tool to create attractive publications. It has thousands of templates that will help you create the best content for Instagram.
  • Frametastic (iPhone) — allows you to make compositions with multiple images.

Multiple management tools on Instagram

  • DownloadGram — to download photos and videos from your computer.
  • Savevideo — allows you to quickly download Instagram videos from your computer.

Instagram Miscellaneous Tools

  • Gleam — lets you create contests with Instagram features (in its paid version).
  • IFTTT — allows you to schedule actions with your Instagram account. For example: share your Instagram photos as native photos on Twitter.
  • Zapier — like IFTTT, allows you to automate processes.
  • SnapWidget — allows you to share Instagram content on your web page or blog.

 Advertising tools on Instagram

  • Power Editor — the professional platform of Facebook & Instagram to manage advertising campaigns.
  • Adespresso — manage your Instagram campaigns quickly and effectively.
  • Pixel Your Site Plugin — puts the pixel code on pages that are related to your advertising campaign.
  • Text Overlay — helps you check if your image for ads has more than 20% text. Remember that if you have a lot of text, Facebook will limit your reach.

Tools to sell on Instagram

Unable to add clickable links in our publications we lose impacts and potential customers. 

With the following tools that I'll share you can improve your sales process to increase your conversions.

  • Inselly — allows you to share the products you sell in your marketplace. You will need an account with them to sell.
  • Soldsie — allows you to sell your products on Instagram. When creating your account you will have a unique link for your profile (something similar to IGLINK, the tool that I shared you above).

I hope these tools will help you better manage your Instagram account and boost your digital conversions.

If you have doubts or want to recommend new tools leave me a comment.

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