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Best Keyword Tools Every SEO Expert Needs

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Best Keyword Tools Every SEO Expert Needs

A good keyword search tool would be worth paying money for because it’s the most important component of an SEO. The best keyword search tools help the SEO by providing them with an online keyword search, compare keywords with others and most of all, and select the best keywords according to a market niche.

How to Select a Keyword:

A few suggestions when making the final choice on keywords are as follows:

  • If your website is commercial, that is if they are offering products or services, go with keywords that seem to have the most commercial intent based on the current high ranking websites. If your website is informational, such as blogs or articles, go with keywords that have the most informational intent.
  • Look for a “sweet spot” in the high search volume in conjunction with low difficulty.
  • Look at keywords with high search volume with top competitors that have lower domain authority and backlinks.
  • If your website is already ranking on the first page, but not in the top 5 spots and the keyword has good search volume, focus on getting those keywords and phrases to move up.

Using the Best Keywords Tools in the Business:

When it comes to keywords, software that beats Google is yet to be seen. Google Adwords is known as the best keywords tool there is. It allows you to do keyword research while keeping the important factors to rank a page on Google in mind. Some of which are:

  • Search Traffic, whether it’s local or global, represents the number of people doing an exact or broad search query for a specific keyword.
  • In the case of Adwords, the competition number represents how many people are offering and paying Google to appear on Banners. So, the higher, the better for a publisher (i.e. a Blogger).
  • The Cost per click or CPC is the main indicator for the value of a click in case someone clicks an Adsense ad in your blog, which means the higher the better for you.

Why You Need to Use Keyword Tools:

If you want people to find your profile on sites like LinkedIn or YouTube, you better use keyword tools to do that important keyword research to determine what words you want to be found for. Keywords need to be in both the title and the body of the article. Their density helps the search engines understand what the article is all about. Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines use that information to categorize everything they find. They display their results in the order they believe to be the most relevant for their customers who search using their sites. To keep people coming back to their search engine, they need to give sound, accurate, and relevant results that depend on accurate keywords, which you can only get when using the best keyword tools like SEMrush Pro and Google Adwords etc.

Make it Obvious:

To make those keywords even more obvious to the search engine, experts suggest making the keywords bold throughout the article, italicizing them, or even putting them in as anchor text so that they stand out. Those keywords should be in the title, in the H2 and H3 tags, in the name and description of pictures and visuals on that post, and in the list of Meta keyword tags and the Meta description for those posts.

Market Samurai is another great keyword SEO tool. This is what it offers you.

SEO Traffic:

Represents the quantity of visitors you can really get if your article is ranked at the top on Google. Compare that to the total global/local searches from the Adwords tool and you can definitely see which one will show you more realistic and practical results.

SEO Competition:

This is totally different to the competition from the Adwords tool. This one shows you how many websites are competing on the internet for that specific keyword. In this case, the less there are the better for you in order to rank high.

SEO Value:

This shows you an estimate on how much you could earn by using Adsense advertisement on your blog combined with being the number 1 in Google search results.


Google Adwords Keyword tool, SEMrush Pro and Market Samurai are considered the best keywords tools along with free ones like keyworddiscovery.com, Wordtracker and spellbound.com. Using them is a great way to do keyword research that helps with SEO competition and analysis. Google Adwords keyword tool is free, which means you don’t have to pay for it when you’re just starting your blog/website.

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