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Melissa Fach

Dec 23, 20197 min read
Social Media Live Streaming tips

Our final Semrushchat for 2019 was fantastic. Our guest, Stephanie Liu, and our community shared some tactics agencies and businesses can use for live streaming in 2020. We all know anyone can pick up a phone and start streaming, but when it comes to properly representing a brand, creating engagement, and reaching an audience, a good strategy is needed. Below we have some suggestions to help you avoid wasting time with strategies that don't work. 

The idea of live streaming can be intimidating to many, and every marketer understands why, but it is a marking opportunity everyone should consider. Below you will find tips on best practices and increasing engagement, and gain ideas on ways to utilize live video. So check them out, and start your marketing campaigns off right in 2020. 

Side Note: The Next Two Weeks

We have our Semrush chats every Wednesday, but this year Christmas and New Year's are on Wednesdays, so we will not be having chats on those days, but we will be back on January 8th, 2020. 

We want to thank our entire community for sharing their experiences, insights, and strategies in Semrushchat each week. The chat wouldn't be successful without you, and our entire team appreciates every one of our participants. 

Q1. Video vs. Live video: what are the pros and cons of each?

“As for #livevideo, did you know that 80% of audiences would rather watch a live video from a brand than read a blog? h/t @livestream One downside of #livestreaming is that you can’t pause the broadcast. Murphy’s Law is real friends.” — Stephanie Liu #SMMW20 @heystephanie
— live video
topical, fresh, relevant, impromptu, reactive to viewers — recorded
less left to chance, editable, prob higher production value, likely has a longer shelf life Cons
— live video
awkward..... pauses for word making when brain forgets things
runs off rails & non sequitors
hostile or weird interactions from users — recorded
less responsive
less interactive” — JP Sherman @jpsherman
“Video —
✅ Can be edited
✅ Builds trust and credibility
❌ May not be relevant to all audiences Live Video —
✅ Encourages social shares
✅ Wider Audience Potentia
l ❌ Can't be edited” — Ben Austin @absolutelyben
“A1. Video can be edited, avoid mistakes but it's not spontaneous, can be considered inauthentic. Live video shows a personal side, allows for feedback but it also means smoking weed with Joe Rogan sooo...” — Youness Bermime @YBermimeSEO
“A1. Videos are easy to record and you can upload them anytime you want but the problem is you need to plan in advance With live streaming, you can just start right away and plan in between also it helps you interact better.” — SEO Charge @seocharge_
“They both have their pros and cons. I do like the professional creation of a well thought out video with clear goals and objectives but I also feel more connection with live video that is relevant to myself as it shows the more human side of a brand or person.” — Bernie Fussenegger #Digital360Chat @B2the7

Q2. What are the best use cases of live videos for your industry?

“Tons of use cases for brands and marketers when it comes to #livestreaming. You can:
✓ Demo your product
✓ Share behind the scenes of an event
✓ Q&A with your audience
✓ Generate buzz for an upcoming launch
✓ Grow your personal brand Let's also talk about how epic #GlobalMarketingDay was! More than 50K marketers worldwide registered for the 24-hour live stream.” — Stephanie Liu #SMMW20 @heystephanie
We work with all sorts of clients, but I've seen it work well with online retailers doing new product announcements, charities hosting events, teasers for upcoming courses/podcasts.” — Diana Richardson @DianaRich013
“Where to use? 1. Conferences
2. Webinars
3. Product Announcement
4. Event Hosting
5. Tutorials and Life Hacks
6. Networking
7. Joint Meeting” — ⚡ Vraj Shah @vrajshahspeaks
“Best cases:
1. The behind the scene video.
2. Easy tips and tricks.
3. A 'cool thing' that happened that could relate to the main offerings (key takeaways).
4. The actual launch of the product/ service.” — Gilmedia @_GILMEDIA
“Events are great for live video, makes people feel included when they can't be there in person. Educational live videos are also beneficial!” — Netvantage Marketing @netvantage
“Several of our partners will do live model home walkthroughs or host a live shot from a community event. Those both get pretty good traffic. ‘Newsworthy’ events seem to work best.” — Builder Designs @builderdesigns
“Product demo, Q & A session with clients and customers. Events and training sessions.” — Kσʅαρσ Iɱαɱ ✪ @PiousGeek

Q3. What are the best practices of going live on social media?

“Begin with the end in mind.
What's the purpose of your show?
What do you want viewers to walk away with?
Plan your run of show!
How is your show structured?
What content will you deliver? How do you plan on engaging with viewers?
Ex. As soon as someone comments? The first X seconds or will you have a dedicated time to pause the content and give shout outs? Create a promotional plan! Get folks buzzing about your #livestream BEFORE you even hit the go live button.” — Stephanie Liu #SMMW20 @heystephanie
“@semrush A3. ? Selection of the topic ? Proper announcement and marketing of your premiere (Live Video) ? On-time response to the viewers during session ? Remind them with event highlights and speakers ? Be helpful and ask the audience to question you” — ⚡ Vraj Shah @vrajshahspeaks
“Best practices...
— Clear goals and objectives
— Know surroundings
— Avoid copyrighted materials
— Approvals for those within the video
— Relevant content
— Be engaging” — Bernie Fussenegger #Digital360Chat @B2the7
“Have a plan before even considering live streaming:
— What is the purpose of the video? (CTA)
— What do you want to talk about? (main talking points)
​​​​​​​— Also, make sure that your devices are fully charged and that you've got a good signal (phone signal or wifi).” ​​​​​​​— Brian Kato @katobkato
“— A little forethought (not completely spontaneous).
— Check your light, angles, and background in your camera/phone before you press "live".
— Be aware of background noise.
— Watch your ‘ums’.” — Diana Richardson @DianaRich013
“1. Make sure there's a strong connection
2. Create a rough script as a guide
3. Get the ambiance right — no disturbances
4. Post reminders about the live video on social media
5. Reserve a few minutes for Q&A
6. Thank your viewers
7. Repost the live video later” — Gilmedia @_GILMEDIA
“Avoid copyrighted materials”. This is one that can be easy to forget. Like going live in a place with recorded music playing.” — Laura O'Neill @LauraOinAK
“Well first off, make sure you actually have something to say that will add value to your audience. Nobody likes to watch videos of rambling. And try to plan! Sometimes things happen, but most are avoidable.” — OnePitch @onepitchsaas

Q4. You have just started with live-video streaming, but you see that you’re not getting the desired engagement level. What steps would you take?

“Don’t expect the algorithms to drive engagement. Have a promotion plan to get viewers buzzing about your show before, during, and after! You have to get people on the edge of their seat before you’re on the air. More tips:” — Stephanie Liu #SMMW20 @heystephanie
“One of the biggest issues I see with live streams is that they're not properly promoted. Make sure that whenever you're planning on doing a livestream you promoted ahead of time. This can have a significant impact on the number of people that show up and engage.” — Brian Kato @katobkato
Am I talking to right audience?
Am I offering the right value to my audience?
How can reach more people? Remember that people don't engage unless they have a reason to.
If you're doing a Q&A, follow up on it with in-depth content.” — Youness Bermime @YBermimeSEO
“Ask people you trust for feedback on the videos and do not take it too personally. You need to be openminded to improve.” — Netvantage Marketing @netvantage
“Keep going. Post and share. In the beginning, it's also about testing out content as much as it is about gaining momentum. So you'll want to see what content subject gets attention and do more of that.” — Diana Richardson @DianaRich013
“Utilize more influencers who can help promote the show and/or appear on the show itself, expanding the audience. You can even invite influencers to ‘sponsor’ the show and just watch and engage in exchange for a shoutout.” — Mike Allton @mike_allton

Q5. What do you think the future of social media live streaming is? Is it going to evolve into something new?

“Interestingly, I think we're going to see less quantity and more quality in the coming year. Now that *anyone* can live stream to virtually every platform, audiences are going to demand better content.” — Mike Allton @mike_allton
“I’m already starting to see live streaming evolve on #LinkedIn as virtual summits. Live streamers are using their skills to produce online events to build their authority.” — Stephanie Liu #SMMW20 @heystephanie
“1. More people will watch these live streams
2. Enhanced problem-solving capability features
3. Live meetings
4. More brand exposure” — SEO Charge @seocharge_
“I think they are just going to polish it up, make it easier for users to go live and interact while being live... I also think video replies are going to make a comeback on YouTube.” — BaerPM @baerpm
“It's going to raise the bar for brands to connect with their target audience. Remember, when you're live streaming (or marketing in general) you're not selling a product — You're selling the relationship for someone to work with you.” — Brian Kato @katobkato
“I think it will become more popular and an easy go-to option to integrate into weekly and monthly strategies. The stats show that people are more willing to watch a video than read longer blogs especially if you have consistently intriguing content.” — Builder Designs @builderdesigns

Tell Us Your Best Live Streaming Tips & Thank You For Chatting in 2019! 

If you have any live streaming tactics that have not been mentioned above or if you would like to add to them, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

We also want to thank our entire community for sharing their thoughts and strategies in Semrushchat each week. The chat wouldn't be successful without you, and our entire team appreciates all of our participants. 

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