The Best Tweets from #SemrushChat: How To Hack Your Competitors’ Marketing Strategies

Melissa Fach

Jun 10, 20199 min read
How To Hack Your Competitors’ Marketing Strategies

On June 5th, #SEMrushchat discussed "How to Hack Your Competitors’ Marketing Strategies" with guest  Joe Youngblood. The responses from Joe and our community showed that gathering data from your competitors is not as simple as most people believe.

With experience comes knowledge, and our community offered their expertise. Keep reading to view their insights, which should help you when evaluating competitors. 

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How do you find gaps in your competitors’ marketing strategies?

What insights can you get from your competitors’ website traffic?

If you could learn only one parameter of your competitors’ online performance, what would it be?

What traffic-generating sources worked for your competitors but didn’t work for you? Why?

What lesson could a brick-and-mortar business learn from an online-based company (SaaS, e-commerce, media, etc.) to improve their online visibility?

Thank You to All of Those That Participated

Each week, I will be watching the SEMrushchats looking for tweets I believe will offer expert-level insights to our blog readers. So, keep sharing your advice and don't miss this week's SEMrushchat on Wednesday, June 5th at 11 AM ET/3 PM GMT; the topic will be "How to Boost Your Online Performance with Competitive Intelligence." 

Hack Your Competitors' Strategies

Reveal Their Top Landing Pages

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