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Melissa Fach

Aug 19, 20195 min read
Social Media Strategies

Many think social media marketing is easy, but in reality, it takes a lot of work, effort, research, planning, and strategy. Last week, the  SEMrushchat was about social media strategies that should apply to all brands. Our guest, Bitly, and our community discussed the following:

Below we have compiled some of the best tweets from the chat. We worked hard to choose tweets that will provide a variety of perspectives and insights businesses, agencies and consultants can use. 

How Social Media Help with Brand Building

"Social offers brands a huge opportunity to build connections and strengthen relationships with their customers, which can: Help establish trust between brand and consumer, Lead to positive word-of-mouth, and Result in more brand exposure." —  Bitly

"Social media platforms allow users to see a more casual and fun side of brands. Brands can take advantage of the different personas that can be reached on each platform and create different content to cater to them." —  Maile Waite

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Social Media isn't just a medium to showcase your brand. It is the lifeline that builds relationships between your brand and the community it serves!" — Dan Willis

"Social media is where you can take the lead in how you are represented to the public. This includes how you display your brand identity, the tone of your brand voice, and shows how much you value your customers based on how you respond to praise and criticism." — Pair Networks

"Social media is the new PR. Brand building should be a key component of your social media strategy. And depending on your strategy, it social can also generate trust, interest, and identify sales opportunities." — Tod Cordill

"Social is a way to connect ON AN INDIVIDUAL LEVEL AT SCALE Before technology, you’d need to knock on a door or call someone to have a conversation. With social, you can see what people are talking about and insert yourself into a meaningful conversation!" — Mark Gustafson

What are the essential components of branding on social media? 

"Be sure your channels share a look + feel w/ the rest of your brand. And yes, we’re biased. But our research shows that using branded links helps boost click-throughs. When your content is behind a short URL w/ your brand in it, people are more willing to click." —  Bitly 

"Continuity across all channels - logo, tone, & colors. Who has access? Know what your goals are. What competitors are doing. Budget." —  Natasha Woodford

"A clear tone of voice (words) a well defined image (visual) it's important to define how, when and in what circumstances should the brand engage w/ others." — Joana Rita Sousa

"Consistency in WHO you are and how you present yourself across platforms, and differentiation in how you use each platform and work to the strengths of the platform (don't post the SAME thing to ALL platforms)." — Fistbump Media

Side Note: Simon's comment below was referring to this article  Weekly Wisdom with Ross Tavendale: COPE.

"Get your processes set up in the first place. COPE - Create Once, Publish Everywhere. Measure everything. A/B Test." —  Simon Cox

"Any brand starting out needs to consider what it’s actually going to offer to an online audience. What’s the message? Where’s the value? What’s actually going to make people follow & engage with them. So many are doing social for the sake of just being here." —  Matt Jackson

What are the branding pitfalls on social media? 

"STOP BRANDING EVERYTHING. No normal person edits every image with a logo. No person pushes their product or service every post... YOUR FOLLOWING’S WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU!" — Mark Gustafson

"You should be mindful to weave social into your broader branding efforts! Don’t silo it. If you think of it as separate to other branding work you’re doing, you risk fragmenting your customer experience and confusing your audience." —  Bitly 

"Only if it creates inconsistency in your audience's minds. Inconsistent branding as inconsistent messaging creates the illusion of inconsistent delivery of services or products, meaning if you're not clear in your branding, chances are you're not in what you do." — Patrick Delehanty

"Be careful making your messages on social becoming too personal: remember you are speaking for your brand." — Bill Slawski

"A pitfall is letting anyone in your org answer social media without training! Needs to have dedicated and trained personnel in this role who know when to escalate situations quickly. JIC…" —  Simon Cox

"When it comes to SMM, you have a small window to make sure your message is heard. Make the best of it to ensure that you can portray a strong identity and likeable personality." —  Ben Austin

Tips for a Brand That Wants to Be Recognizable and Memorable on Social 

"Stop using stock images! Make your own images and ensure that your branding (logo, colors) is consistent across channels. I should be able to recognize your brand in every post." —  JD Prater"Find ways to be a resource to people (as opposed to selling to them). Give them the tools to help themselves and you'll build great relationships (and loyal customers)." —  Fistbump Media

"Engage with your marketplace, Your Customers, Clients, Potentials, Peer Group & Market influencers. Connect with Influencers then try collaborating & engagement with peer group influencers. e.g., the #SEMrushchat group." —  Alexis Huddart

"Finding your social lane can take time, but like many things consistency is key! Your tone of voice is critical, but you can really speed up the process of being visually recognisable by creating consistent imagery (Can't fault @canva as a starting point)." —  India Morgan

"They need to be able to find holes in other competitors social strategies and expose those gaps with massively different messaging." —  Rob May

"Most importantly, keep the branding consistent across each platform from your profile picture and cover photo to your graphic templates. Try to give your followers something to look forward to. In our industry, we like Tuesday Tips or Floorplan Fridays." —  Builder Designs

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What brands stand out for social branding and what can marketers learn from them? 

"You can't beat @redbull - they have social down to a fine art. Incredible viral videos, highly recognizable branding. It's quite something when so many people love the brand more than the product!" —  Readable

Some companies I do business with BECAUSE of how they've presented themselves on social: @semrush, @CoSchedule, @HubSpot. I love how all of them share selflessly, helping others be better at what they do. Great resource, less social selling. Me = loyal customer." —  Fistbump Media

"We like the branding consistency of @SEMRush. We are learning a lot about making the customer the hero from@Libsyn. We're impressed with how @KeepPghDope and @WomeninTechChat have created and grown community involvement using social." — Pair Networks

"@Nike. Their Instagram feed is incredible. They don’t just show their products, they show achievers, athletes, humans. They keep this so consistent and they have mastered the ability to create brand recognition through social media." —  Itamar Blauer

"There are so many! Right now we’re especially loving the creativity and consistency of these brands: @SoFi, @Food52, @tacobell & @NatGeo." —  Bitly 

For sure @Wendys :) I also enjoy @Charmin, @Whataburger, @tacobell and @wyomingpd. They are all innovative, unique, and funny. They lighten the day while reminding me of their product without pushing it down my throat sales-wise." —  Melissa Fach

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Do You Have Any Suggestions for Brands wanting to do well on social media?

If so, please share them in the comments below. We also want to thank everyone that participated in the chat. Join us each Wednesday for  SEMrushchat at 11 am ET/4 pm BST.

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